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Rosenstolz - Soubrette werd' ich nie (1992)

Rosenstolz - Soubrette werd' ich nie (1992)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Soubrette werd' ich nie" – 3:43

"Ich geh' auf Glas" – 3:55

"Wenn du aufwachst" – 3:36

"Schlampenfieber" – 3:02

"Kosmos" – 3:04

"Januar (Wenn die Mona Lisa weint)" – 3:07

"Erwarten 'se nix" – 2:37

"Klaus-Trophobie" – 3:19

"Voyeur" – 2:49

"Ich geh' jetzt aus (sonst geh' ich ein)" – 3:11

"Magnetisch" – 2:32

"Stolz der Rose" – 3:13

"Süchtig" – 2:53

"Königin" – 3:16

"Ich geh' auf Glas (Die Andere)" – 3:00

Bonus CD (included in 2007 deluxe edition)

"Diva" – 3:29

"AnNa Galaktika" – 2:47

"Durchgedreht" – 2:43

"Frühling" – 2:11

"Niemehr niemals mit dir" – 2:48

"Sinne nähmst" – 2:37

"Bestes Stück" – 2:53

"Ödenreich" – 2:29

"Bunte Herzen" – 2:27

"Schlampenfieber" – 2:22

"Ich leg dich flach" – 2:56

Soubrette werd' ich nie (I'll never become a soubrette) is the debut album by German pop duo Rosenstolz, released in 1992 by Pool. The album was not a commercial success following its initial release. However, the 2007 re-release reached No. 93 in the German albums chart.

Rosenstolz (German pronunciation: [ˈʁoːzənʃtɔlts]) was a German pop duo from Berlin that was active between 1991 and 2012 and had chart hits in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The duo consisted of singer AnNa R. and musician Peter Plate, who occasionally provided vocals. Rosenstolz achieved major chart success after the nineties, with five studio albums going to No. 1 in the German albums chart. Although the duo split up to pursue separate music careers, they left open the possibility of a future reunion.

Rosenstolz's music was described by critics as containing elements of various genres, including pop and chanson. However, comparisons with Schlager were strongly disputed by the duo, who defined themselves simply as a pop group. Rosenstolz's repertoire included ballads and quirky pop songs, though later years saw the duo eschewing their quirky side. Common themes in the songs written by Rosenstolz were sex, love and emotions.

Rosenstolz Band Members / Musicians

AnNa R. – vocals, lyrics

Peter Plate – keyboards, occasional vocals, composition, lyrics, production

Rosenstolz Discography Full

1992 Soubrette werd' ich nie

1994 Nur einmal noch

1995 Mittwoch is' er fällig

1996 Objekt der Begierde

1997 Die Schlampen sind müde

1999 Zucker

2000 Kassengift

2002 Macht Liebe

2004 Herz

2006 Das große Leben

2008 Die Suche geht weiter

2011 Wir sind am Leben

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