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Stahlhammer - Killer Instinkt (1995)

Stahlhammer - Killer Instinkt (1995)

Tracklist frnt / back album covers

"Another Brick in the Wall" – 3:58 (Pink Floyd cover)

"Nur ein Tier" (Just an animal) – 3:59

"Bis dass das Blut gefriert" (Until the blood freezes) – 4:45

"Ravehead (Fuckhead-Rave)" – 1:55

"Fuckhead" – 3:46

"Ein Freund ging nach Amerika" (A friend went to America) – 3:05

"Killer Instinkt" (Killer instinct) – 4:53

"Psycho" – 4:07

"Wakantanka" – 4:57

"Verletzt" (Injured) – 5:03

"Rache" (Revenge)

"As Tears Go By" (hidden song) – 6:37

Stahlhammer Band Members / Musicians

Gary Wheeler – vocals

Thomas Schuler – guitars

Peter Karolyi – bass

Michael Stocker – drums

Killer Instinkt is an album by the Austrian heavy metal band Stahlhammer. It was released in 1995. The album became popular throughout Germany and Austria, mainly due to the success of their video for the Pink Floyd cover "Another Brick in the Wall".

Stahlhammer (German for "Steel Hammer") is a Neue Deutsche Härte band from Austria that formed in 1992. They incorporate elements from hardcore, groove metal, industrial metal and symphonic metal into their songs. The band has to this date released six albums, where the majority of songs are in German. Their latest album is Opera Noir, which was released in March 2006.

Stahlhammer Band Members / Musicians

Gary Wheeler – vocals, guitars, keyboard, programming

Peter Karolyi – bass

Michael Stoker – drums

Niko Stössl – guitar

Thomas Schuler – guitar

Conrad Schrenk – guitar

Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria – vocals

Stahlhammer Discography Full

1995 Killer Instinkt

1997 Wiener Blut

1999 Feind hört mit

2002 Eisenherz

2004 Stahlmania

2006 Opera Noir

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