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Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off (2000)

Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off (2000)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "[Untitled]" (see notes)   1:01

2. "Puppet"   3:25

3. "Supafly"   3:40

4. "When In Doubt"   3:27

5. "Rhime Animal"   4:27

6. "Unbelievable" (based on the EMF song of the same name)   3:03

7. "Up Comes Down"   3:22

8. "Come Along"   3:23

9. "Small Town"   6:54

10. "Set It Off"   6:03

11. "All the Way Live"   4:10

12. "Lift It"   3:59

Thousand Foot Krutch Band Members / Musicians

Trevor McNevan, credited as "Lipsick" - vocals and guitar:

Dave Smith, credited as "The Thing" - lead guitar

Joel Bruyere, credited as "Cheetah" - bass and acoustic guitars

Geoff Laforet, credited as "Johnny Orbital" - drums

Thousand Foot Krutch - producer, mixing, mastering, art direction

D.J. DOVE - executive producer, co-producer, mixing, turntables, art direction, A & R

Bryan LeBrun - recording engineer at Desert Moon Recordings - Anaheim, California, mixing, mastering

Andrew Horrocks - recording engineer at A.M.E. Studios - Ontario, Canada

Steve McCrumm - strings

Ian Tanner - keyboards

Christian Harvey - drums

D.J. Circa - turntables

Principal Media Group Studios - design and layout

Doug Macklin - artwork

Shane from Boomerang Photography - photography

All songs written by: T. McNevan, D. Smith, J. Bruyere, J. LaForet

Set It Off is the 1st studio album released by Thousand Foot Krutch. The album features a fusion of heavy nu metal and softer rap rock songs, mixed with some pop punk influence. Some of the songs were from their independent album, That's What People Do. It was originally released on April 14, 2000. A remastered version of the disc, including six extra tracks, was issued on September 7, 2004. This is the last album to feature guitarist Dave Smith, who left the band in 2002 and the only album to feature drummer Geoff Laforet, who left the band in 2001.

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