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Ton Steine Scherben - Keine Macht für Niemand ("No power for nobody") (1972)

Ton Steine Scherben - Keine Macht für Niemand ("No power for nobody") (1972)

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Wir müssen hier raus! (Ralph Möbius, Ralph Steitz) – 5:21
Feierabend (Möbius, Steitz) – 4:41
Die letzte Schlacht gewinnen wir (Möbius, Steitz) – 4:18
Paul Panzers Blues (Nikel Pallat, Möbius) – 6:41
Menschenjäger (Möbius, Steitz) – 4:18
Allein machen sie Dich ein (Möbius, Steitz) – 4:41
Schritt für Schritt ins Paradies (Möbius, Steitz) – 6:52
Der Traum ist aus (Möbius) – 9:24
Mensch Meier (Möbius, Steitz) – 3:43
Rauch-Haus-Song (Möbius) – 3:59
Keine Macht für Niemand (Möbius, Steitz) – 4:08
Komm schlaf bei mir (Möbius) – 4:02

Ton Steine Scherben Band Members / Musicians
Ralph Möbius – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Ralph Steitz – Guitar, Drums, backup vocals
Kai Sichtermann – Bass guitar, Banjo, backup vocals
Nikel Pallat – vocals, backup vocals
Jörg Schlotterer – Flute, backup vocals
Angie Olbrich – Backup vocals
Anna Schimany – Backup vocals
Olaf Lietzau – Drums
Jochen Petersen – Saxophone
Klaus Schulz – Cowbell
Eva Zeltner & Rauch-Haus-Chor – Backup vocals
Gaby Borowski & Rauch-Haus-Chor – Backup vocals
Klaus Freudigmann – Sound
Gert Möbius – Cover

Keine Macht für Niemand (No Power for Nobody) is the name of both the 2nd album and best-known song by the band Ton Steine Scherben. The double album, released in 1972, is also sometimes called "die Weiße" ("the white one") in reference to its simple cover with a white background and black text.

The album as a whole, as well as the song Keine Macht für Niemand heavily criticised social and political ills. The lyrics call for resistance against the extant system. In Die letzte Schlacht gewinnen wir ("We will win the final battle"), the demand for a replacement of the present capitalist system is very clear. The phrase "No power for nobody" is a sloganised interpretation of anarchy. When the album was released, Rio Reiser and R.P.S. Lanrue had still yet to adopt their stage names.

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