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Umbra et Imago - Infantile Spiele (1993)

Umbra et Imago - Infantile Spiele (1993)

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Umbra et Imago (lt.: "Shadow and Image") is a German gothic metal and Neue Deutsche Härte band formed in autumn 1991. The original lineup consisted of singer Mozart (Manuel Munz), Michael Gillian, Nail and Torsten B. Except for Mozart all other founding members left the band, but he is still influential to the music of Umbra and Imago.

Umbra et Imago Band Members / Musicians

Mozart (vocals)

Sascha Danneberger (guitar)

Freddy S. (guitar)

Kris (vocals)

Jochen Ritter (drums)

Chris Tin (samples)

Torsten B. (bass)

Matze B. (keyboard)

Michael Gillian (keyboards)

Achim Vogel (keyboard)

Alex Perin (guitar)

Andi Lehnert (guitar)

Nail (guitar)

Lutz Demmler (bass)

Umbra et Imago Discography Full


Träume, Sex und Tod (1992)

Remember Dito (1994)


Infantile Spiele (1993)

Gedanken eines Vampirs (1995)

Mystica Sexualis (1996)

Machina Mundi (1998)

Mea Culpa (2000)

Dunkle Energie (2001)

Memento Mori (2004)

Opus Magnus (2010)

Davon geht die Welt nicht unter (2011)

Die Unsterblichen (2015)

Die Unsterblichen - Das zweite Buch (2017)


Sex Statt Krieg (1996)

Kein Gott und keine Liebe (1997)

Weinst Du? feat. Tanzwut (1999)

Feuer Und Licht (2001)

Sweet Gwendoline (2004)

Gott Will Es (2007)

Ohne Dich (2011)

Radiosong (2014)


Die Welt Brennt (2002)

Motus Animi (2005)

Imago Picta (2006)

Past Bizarre (2007)

Live albums

The Hard Years - Das Live-Album (1997)

The Hard Years II (2007)

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