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Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Strategem (1994)

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Strategem (1994)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Kensington Line"   3:19

2. "Strategem"   4:25

3. "Wearing Only Flowers"   4:43

4. "Neckbreaker"   3:57

5. "Magdelina"   4:55

6. "Angel Leads Me On"   5:01

7. "In the Morning"   3:56

8. "Candle 99"   4:28

9. "Greyhound"   2:56

10. "Poor Miss"   4:25

11. "Shadowlands"   5:10

Total length:   47:15

Big Head Todd and the Monsters Band Members  Musicians

Todd Park Mohr – vocals, guitar, piano

Rob Squires – bass, background vocals

Brian Nevin – drums, percussion, background vocals

Nick Forster – steel guitar, slide guitar

Al Laughlin – organ

Hazel Miller – background vocals

Big Head Todd and the Monsters – producers, engineers

Andy Torri – producer, engineer

Andy Wallace – mixing

Howie Weinberg – mastering

Steve Sisco – mixing assistant

Kevin Clock – "transfers"

Mickey Houlihan – "sounds"

Janet Levinson – design

Stephen McNamara – digital editing

Jeff Shuey – digital editing, "transfers"

Simeon Soffer – photography

Strategem was the 4th studio album by Colorado rock band Big Head Todd and the Monsters, released in 1994. It was the band's second Giant Records release, following their platinum Sister Sweetly released the year before. While the album failed to match the sales and popularity of the band's previous effort, several individual tracks were positively received by reviewers, including "Kensington Line" and "Neckbreaker". Several verses on the album were inspired by Buddhist koans.

The band recorded the album in an empty theater in Boulder, Colorado and attempted to return to a more indie music sound in the wake of their more commercial-sounding effort in "Sister Sweetly".

"Strategem" was a deliberate misspelling by the band of "stratagem", used in the album title and also found in the song title "Strategem", and in the lyrics of that song: "Here I stand by lovely strategem."

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