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Chavez - Gone Glimmering (1995)

Chavez - Gone Glimmering (1995)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Nailed to the Blank Spot" - 2:07

"Break Up Your Band" - 2:56

"Laugh Track" - 3:58

"The Ghost by the Sea" - 4:01

"Pentagram Ring" - 2:26

"Peeled Out Too Late" - 3:36

"The Flaming Gong" - 1:53

"Wakeman's Air" - 4:23

"Relaxed Fit" - 4:39


Chavez Band Members / Musicians

The James Lo - drums

Scott Anthony Masciarelli - bass

Matt Sweeney - vocals, guitar

Clay Tarver - guitar

Gone Glimmering is the debut studio album of American indie rock band Chavez. It was released on Matador Records on May 23, 1995. According to the liner notes, the album was recorded over weekends in December '94 and January '95 at various locations with various producers/engineers (Bob Weston, Bryce Goggin and John Agnello).

A music video was released for the track "Break Up Your Band" and was featured on MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head.

Chavez is an American band from New York City, formed in 1993. After a period of inactivity, the band re-formed in 2006. They released two independent non-charting albums in the mid-1990s. Guitarist Matt Sweeney has confirmed that the band is working on its first new recordings since 1996.

Chavez was formed from the ashes of Wider[citation needed], and was inspired by the sonic approach of math rock pioneers Slint and the post-punk outfit Mission of Burma. Chavez utilizes angular, asymmetrical riffs and dramatic dynamic shifts. The band is fronted by guitarist Matt Sweeney, who was previously a member of Skunk and Wider, and played with Guided by Voices. Drummer James Lo also came from Wider; the band is rounded out by guitarist Clay Tarver (Bullet Lavolta) and bassist Scott Marshall.

Chavez Discography Full

1995 Gone Glimmering

1996 Ride the Fader

2006 Better Days Will Haunt You (compilation)


1995 Pentagram Ring (EP)

1996 Their cover of the song "Little Twelvetoes" was included at track 10 on Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks

2017 Cockfighters (EP)

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