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Ira! - Ira! (1983)

Ira! - Ira! (1983)

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Ira! (Portuguese for Anger! or Rage!, although the name was inspired by the Irish Republican Army) is a Brazilian rock band that was founded in São Paulo in the early 1980s. They were strongly influenced by the Mod sound of The Who, the hard rock of Led Zeppelin and the punk rock of The Clash.

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1983 Ira! (released as a single)

1985 Mudança de Comportamento ("Change in Behaviour")

1986 Vivendo e Não Aprendendo ("You Live, You Don't Learn")

1988 Psicoacústica ("Psychoacoustics")

1989 Clandestino ("Clandestine")

1991 Meninos da Rua Paulo ("The Paulo Street Boys")

1993 Música Calma para Pessoas Nervosas ("Calm Music for Nervous People")

1996 7

1998 Você Não Sabe Quem Eu Sou ("You Don't Know Who I Am")

1999 Isso É Amor ("That Is Love")

2000 MTV ao Vivo

2001 Entre Seus Rins ("Between Your Kidneys")

2004 Acústico MTV

2007 Invisível DJ ("Invisible DJ")

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