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John Mellencamp - John Cougar (1979)

John Mellencamp - John Cougar (1979)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"A Little Night Dancin'" – 3:43
"Small Paradise" – 3:40
"Miami" – 3:53
"The Great Midwest" – 4:29
"Do You Think That's Fair" – 4:48
"I Need a Lover" – 5:35
"Welcome to Chinatown" – 3:59
"Sugar Marie" – 4:16
"Pray for Me" – 3:30 (Mellencamp, Brian Bec Var)
"Taxi Dancer" – 5:02
"Take Home Pay" (2005 re-issue bonus track) – 3:10

John Mellencamp Band Members / Musicians
John Mellencamp - vocal, guitar
Brian Bec Var - piano, keyboards
Larry Crane - guitars, backing vocals
Mike "Chief" Wanchic - guitars, backing vocals
Robert "Ferd" Frank - bass
Tom Knowles - drums
Don Gehman - engineer

John Cougar is the 3rd studio album by John Mellencamp. It was his first album to be released by his new record company Riva Records and to credit him as "John Cougar". Released in 1979, following the success in Australia of the single "I Need a Lover" from his previous album A Biography (which did not receive a U.S. release), John Cougar included the aforementioned track for U.S. audiences, as well as a re-working of A Biography's "Taxi Dancer".

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