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Lana Lane - Love Is an Illusion (1995)

Lana Lane - Love Is an Illusion (1995)

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Lana Lane is an American rock singer. She sings lead in her eponymous band, and has sung backing vocals for the band Rocket Scientists and guest sung on Ayreon and Erik Norlander albums.

She is married to music producer Erik Norlander, who co-produces her albums with her at their own studio, Think Tank Media in Placerville, California.

Her first album Love is an Illusion was released in 1995 and obtained a fair amount of success in Japan, as did Curious Goods – her second album, from 1996.

Lady Macbeth is a collection of songs based on William Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, from Lady MacBeth's point of view.

Lane appeared as a guest vocalist on two Ayreon CDs, Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer and Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator, singing lead and harmony vocals. She also provided the computer voice for both albums.

In 2003, Lane sang the part of Queen Guinevere on the concept album Once and Future King Part I by Gary Hughes.

In 2007, Lane released "Red Planet Boulevard", her 9th studio album. It was recorded in the Netherlands and San Francisco, California.

In 2009, Lane sang the primary vocals on Terra Incognita, an album composed by husband Erik Norlander in collaboration with science-fiction writer and lyricist Kevin J. Anderson.

In 2009, Lane also sang on another concept album composed by cousin Davy Vain based on a novel by German science-fiction writer Wolfgang Hohlbein, for the CD Blaze and Ashes by Delany.

In 2012, Lane released "El Dorado Hotel" after a five-year hiatus due, in part, to the death of her father.

Lana Lane Discography Full

1995 Love Is an Illusion
1996 Curious Goods
1998 Garden of the Moon
1998 Echoes from the Garden (Japan only)
1998 Live in Japan (Japan only)
1998 Ballad Collection (Japan only)
1999 Queen of the Ocean
1999 Echoes from the Ocean (Japan only)
1999 Best of Lana Lane 1995 – 1999 (Japan only)
2000 Secrets of Astrology
2000 Ballad Collection II (Japan only)
2000 Ballad Collection – Special Edition
2002 Project Shangri-La
2003 Covers Collection
2003 Winter Sessions
2004 Return to Japan
2004 Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan (DVD)
2005 Lady Macbeth
2006 10th Anniversary Concert (DVD/CD set)
2006 Gemini
2007 Red Planet Boulevard
2008 Best of Lana Lane 2000 – 2008 (Japan only)
2012 El Dorado Hotel
2022 Neptune Blue

Erik Norlander
2000 Into the Sunset
2004 Stars Rain Down: Live In Europe 2001-2003
2006 Live in St. Petersburg
2007 Looking Backward
2010 The Galactic Collective
2012 The Galactic Collective: Live in Gettysburg
2016 Surreal

Rocket Scientists
1993 Earthbound
1995 Brutal Architecture
1998 Earth Below and Sky Above
1998 Live In Bruchsal, Germany 21 September 1997
1999 Oblivion Days
2014 Refuel
2014 Supernatural Highways
2015 Looking Backward

2009 Blaze And Ashes

Roswell Six
2009 Terra Incognita: Beyond the Horizon

2001 Fata Morgana

2000 Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer
2000 Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator
2000 Temple Of The Cat [EP]
2000 Ayreonauts Only

Fate Of A Dreamer (2002)

Episode 1: A Human Into Dreams' World (2002)

Tribute albums
2003 A Return To Fantasy: A Tribute To Uriah Heep

2003 Fooly Dressed

Gary Hughes
2003 The Once and Future [King Part I and II]

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