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Legs Diamond - Legs Diamond (1977)

Legs Diamond - Legs Diamond (1977)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "It's Not the Music"   3:27
2. "Stage Fright"   5:05
3. "Satin Peacock"   5:36
4. "Rock and Roll Man"   6:11

Side two
5. "Deadly Dancer"   2:58
6. "Rat Race"   6:43
7. "Can't Find Love"   8:45

2000 Zoom Club CD version and 2007 Diamond Records CD version bonus track
"Come with Me" (Legs Diamond) – 4:41

2018 Rock Candy Records CD version bonus tracks
"Come with Me" (Album Outtake)
"Rat Race" (1976 K-West Radio)
"Thrill Seeker" (Demo)
"High School Queen" (Demo)
"Not Yours Not Mine" (Demo)
"Deadly Dancer" (Demo)
"One Way Ticket" (Demo)
"Avalanche" (Demo)
"Traces" (Demo)
"Street Runner" (Demo)
"Closer" (Demo)
"Food for Thought" (Demo)

Legs Diamond Band Members / Musicians
Rick Sanford – lead vocals, flute, percussion
Roger Romeo – lead guitar, lead vocals
Michael Prince – rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals
Michael "Diamond" Gargano – bass guitar
Jeff Poole – drums, percussion

Derek Lawrence – producer
Peter Granet – engineer
David Gertz – assistant engineer

Legs Diamond is the eponymous debut album by the American rock band Legs Diamond.

In 1989, Kerrang! magazine listed the album at No. 33 among the "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time".

Legs Diamond is an American rock band. They formed in Los Angeles, California, United States, starting with Michael "Diamond" Gargano (bass) and Jeff Poole (drums), and were named for a 1920s gangster of the same name. The group released their self-titled debut album for Mercury Records in 1977. The original band broke up in 1980 after three popular albums, but reformed in 1984 after their original albums had begun to acquire a cult following.

Legs Diamond Band Members / Musicians

Keith England - Lead vocals (2019–present)

Roger Romeo - Lead guitar (1975–1980, 1984–present)

Michael Prince - Rhythm guitar, keyboards (1975–1980, 1984–present)

Adam Kury - Bass guitar (1992–present)

Jeff Poole - Drums (1975–1980, 1984–present)

John Levesque - Lead vocals (2005)

Dusty Watson - Drums

Rick Sanford - Lead vocals (1976-2005)

Michael "Diamond" Gargano - Bass guitar

Mike Christie - Bass Guitar

Jim May - Lead guitar & vocals

Jonathan Valen - Drums

Jeff Marcus - Guitar

Legs Diamond Discography Full

1977 Legs Diamond

1977 A Diamond is a Hard Rock

1978 Fire Power

1984 Out on Bail (US version is mini-album, EU version is full album with 2 extra songs)

1986 Land of the Gun

1990 Town Bad Girl

1992 Captured Live (1990 live recording in San Antonio, Texas)

1993 The Wish

1999 Uncut Diamond (never released album recorded in 1980)

2003 Collection (4 CD collection of the first three albums plus 'Uncut Diamond')

2004 Favourites Volume One (compilation with two new songs)

2006 Diamonds Are Forever

2008 Right on Target (3-CD Box Set includes first three albums)

"Stage Fright" (1976) Mercury/Phonogram
"Woman" (1977) Mercury/Phonogram
"You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" (1978) Cream
"Help Wanted" (1979) Cream
"Turn to Stone" (1986) Metronome

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