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Pure Prairie League - Bustin' Out (1972)

Pure Prairie League - Bustin' Out (1972)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Jazzman" (Ed Holstein) – 2:34

"Angel #9" – 4:55

"Leave My Heart Alone" (George Powell) – 4:24

"Early Morning Riser" – 5:05

"Falling In and Out of Love" – 2:12

"Amie" – 4:18

"Boulder Skies" – 4:01

"Angel" – 4:26

"Call Me, Tell Me" – 2:41


Pure Prairie League Band Members / Musicians

Craig Fuller – bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals

George Ed Powell – electric guitar, vocals

William Frank Hinds – drums

Michael Connor – piano, keyboards

James Rolleston – bass

Al Brisco – steel guitar

Mick Ronson – guitar, background vocals, string arrangements

Dianne Brooks – background vocals on "Leave My Heart Alone"

Little Bobby Ring[e] – marimba, shaker

Producer: Robert Alan Ringe

Engineer: Mark Smith

Recording Technician: Cub Richardson

Digital Producer: Susan Ruskin

Digital Series Executive Producer: Don Wardell

Remastering: Rick Rowe

Art direction: Acy Lehman

Management: Roger Abramson

Bustin' Out is the 2nd album by American country rock band Pure Prairie League, released by RCA Records in late 1972. The album ended up becoming far more popular almost 3 years after its release, during the height of the Country Rock and Southern Rock boom of the mid-1970s. By then, band leader Craig Fuller was no longer in the band due to draft board issues.

"Amie" was first released as a single in 1973, and went nowhere. In early 1975 it again began receiving airplay mostly on college radio stations and then on major U.S. radio stations. It hit #27 by May 1975. On the album, "Falling In and Out of Love" ends in a segue to "Amie", which then concludes with the main chorus of "Falling In and Out of Love." Because of this interrelationship, many American classic rock and AOR radio stations play the pair of songs as a single track.

The album features a guest appearance by Mick Ronson who provided string arrangements on the track "Boulder Skies" and "Call Me, Tell Me."

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