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Raul Seixas - Novo Aeon (1975)

Raul Seixas - Novo Aeon (1975)

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1. "Tente Outra Vez"   (Try Again)   2:26

2. "Rock do Diabo"   (Devil's Rock)   2:15

3. "A Maçã"   (The Apple)   3:26

4. "Eu Sou Egoísta"   (I Am Selfish)   2:51

5. "Caminhos"   1:51

6. "Tu És o M.D.C. da Minha Vida"  (Thou Art the G.C.D. of My Life|)   3:55

7. "A Verdade Sobre a Nostalgia"   (The Truth About Nostalgia)   2:09

8. "Para Noia" (Seixas) Pun with "Paranoia" and "Para Noia"   (Portuguese for "Stop the Madness"   3:56

9. "Peixuxa (O Amiguinho dos Peixes)"   (The Fishes' Buddy)   2:13

10. "É Fim de Mês"    (It's the End of the Month)   3:03

11. "Sunseed" (Seixas/Glória Vaquer)   2:42

12. "Caminhos II"   (Paths II)   1:00

13. "Novo Aeon"   (New Aeon)   2:34

Novo Aeon (Portuguese: New Aeon) is the 3rd solo studio album by the Brazilian musician Raul Seixas. Released in 1975, most of the album was heavily influenced by the work of Aleister Crowley and other occultists, with the major example being the title track. Not as successful as Seixas' previous album, Gita, it was a sales failure. However, it contains some of his most famous songs, such as "Tente Outra Vez", "Rock do Diabo" and "A Maçã".

In 2007, the Brazilian version of the magazine Rolling Stone chose Novo Aeon as the 53rd most revolutionary Brazilian album of all time.

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