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Rocket Scientists - Earthbound (1993)

Rocket Scientists - Earthbound (1993)

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Rocket Scientists is a progressive rock band formed in the late 1980s by keyboardist Erik Norlander and vocalist / guitarist Mark McCrite. The band released their first CD, Earthbound, in 1993 joined by session bassist Don Schiff. Schiff quickly became a part of the band for their second release in 1995, Brutal Architecture, and the three toured in the US and Europe in 1997 along with drummer Tommy Amato culminating in the live CD, Earth Below and Sky Above: Live in Europe and America. In 1999, Rocket Scientists released Oblivion Days.

Rocket Scientists Band Members / Musicians

Mark McCrite - Vocals, Guitar

Erik Norlander - Keyboards

Don Schiff - Bass, NS/Stick

Rocket Scientists Discography Full

Studio albums

1993 Earthbound

1995 Brutal Architecture

1999 Oblivion Days

2006 Revolution Road

2014 Supernatural Highways (Instrumental EP)

2014 Refuel

Live albums and compilations

1998 Earth Below and Sky Above: Live in Europe and America

2007 Looking Backward

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