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The Supersuckers - Live at the Magic Bag (2004)

The Supersuckers - Live at the Magic Bag (2004)

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"Rock 'n' Roll Records"

"Rock Your Ass"

"Bad, Bad, Bad"

"The Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll"

"Creepy Jackalope Eye"

"Bruises to Prove It"

"Supersucker Drive-By Blues"

"I Want the Drugs"

"Bubblegum & Beer"

"My Victim"


"Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust"


"Gone Gamblin'"

"How to Maximize Your Kill Count"


"Pretty Fucked Up"

"That Is Rock 'n' Roll"


"Born with a Tail"

Live at the Magic Bag is a live recording by American rock and roll band Supersuckers. Released in 2004, it was recorded live at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan.

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