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Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human (1989)

Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human (1989)

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Side one

1. "The Want of a Nail"   5:14

2. "The Waiting Game"   4:16

3. "Parallel Lines"   4:22

4. "Two Little Hitlers" (Elvis Costello)   3:55

5. "Can't Stop Running"   5:00

6. "Unloved Children"   4:03

7. "Fidelity"   4:39

8. "Feel It" (Rundgren/The Tubes/Vince Welnick)   5:47

9. "Hawking"   6:51

10. "I Love My Life"   8:55

LP issue

Side one

1. "The Want of a Nail"

2. "The Waiting Game"

3. "Parallel Lines"

4. "Unloved Children"

5. "Can't Stop Running"

Side two

6. "Fidelity"

7. "Feel It"

8. "Hawking"

9. "I Love My Life"

Todd Rundgren Band Members / Musicians

Brent Bourgeois - keyboards

Vince Welnick - keyboards

Larry Tagg - bass guitar

Lyle Workman - guitar

Scott Mathews - vocals

Bobby Womack - guest vocalist on "The Want of a Nail"

Narada Michael Walden - choirmaster on "I Love My Life"

Clarence Clemons - backing vocals on "I Love My Life"

Byron Allred - keyboards, "Hawking", "Unloved Children", "The Waiting Game"

Michael Pluznick - congas, shekere and percussion

Nearly Human is a 1989 album by the rock musician Todd Rundgren, released by Warner Bros. Records. It was his first release in four years, although he had been active as a producer in the intervening years. Many of the album's songs deal with loss, self-doubt, jealousy and spiritual recovery. It was also the first collaboration between Rundgren and Michele Gray, a singer and ex-model who helped to organize the sessions. Gray sang backing vocals, both on the record and on subsequent tours, and the pair later married.

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