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Todd Rundgren - (re)Production (cover album) (2011)

Todd Rundgren - (re)Production (cover album) (2011)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Prime Time" – originally performed by The Tubes – 3:29

"Dancing Barefoot" – originally performed by Patti Smith – 3:56

"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" – originally performed by Meat Loaf – 3:21

"Chasing Your Ghost" – originally performed by What Is This? – 3:29

"Love My Way" – originally performed by Psychedelic Furs – 4:31

"Personality Crisis" – originally performed by New York Dolls – 3:53

"Is It a Star?" – originally performed by Hall & Oates – 3:38

"Tell Me Your Dreams" – originally performed by Jill Sobule – 3:50

"Take It All" – originally performed by Badfinger – 4:08

"I Can't Take It" – originally performed by Cheap Trick – 3:11

"Dear God" – originally performed by XTC – 3:59

"Out of My Mind" – originally performed by Bourgeois Tagg – 3:27

"Everything" – originally performed by Rick Derringer – 4:25

"Walk Like a Man" – originally performed by Grand Funk Railroad – 3:36

"Nothing to Lose" – originally performed by Hunter aka Dragon – 3:05

Todd Rundgren Band Members / Musicians

Todd Rundgren, Donna Andreassen, Don Ballance, Laura Boton, Lori Brown, Joan Carlson, John Enghauser, Tami Gillam, Dave Holscher, Daniel Iasbeck, Sam LaMonica, Chris Landes, Susan Leonard, Tim Longfellow, Mary Ellen Manning, James May, Joe Menga, Grady Moates, David Mobley, David J. Moore, DeeAnn Schaer, Chuck Silber, Don Slovin, John Smith, Kevin Stoker, Roy Swanson, James Van Wert, Robert Warwas, Bruce Whetstone, David Zimelis. "Musical Cosmic Conception" cover by Bill Bricker.

(re)Production is the 23rd solo album by rock musician Todd Rundgren that was recorded and released in 2011. For this album, Rundgren re-recorded songs that he had produced for other bands across his career, including Meat Loaf, Hall & Oates, The Tubes and Grand Funk Railroad. (re)Production gives these songs a much more modern sheen, incorporating elements of electronic dance music and synthpop. The work was created during the MyRecordFantasy Camp sessions at the Track Shack in January 2011 arranged by the label Gigatone Records. Album packaging includes samples of cover art submissions by fans. Alternate covers were used for International, Domestic, and online versions.

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