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Todd Rundgren - Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (1971)

Todd Rundgren - Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (1971)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

"Long Flowing Robe" – 3:30

"The Ballad (Denny & Jean)" – 3:30

"Bleeding" – 4:05

"Wailing Wall" – 3:05

"The Range War" – 2:38

"Chain Letter" – 5:02

Side two

"A Long Time, A Long Way to Go" – 2:12

"Boat on the Charles" – 4:28

"Be Nice to Me" – 3:27

"Hope I'm Around" – 4:55

"Parole" – 4:22

"Remember Me" – 0:51

Todd Rundgren Band Members / Musicians

Todd Rundgren – piano, organ, pump organ, Clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, EMS VCS 3, guitars, mandolin, fiddle, tenor and baritone saxophones, talk box, vibraphone, percussion, vocals

Tony Sales – bass (except on "Be Nice to Me" and "Hope I'm Around"), conga on "Long Flowing Robe", tambourine on "Long Flowing Robe" and "Boat on the Charles", vibraphone on "Boat on the Charles"

N. D. Smart – drums (except on "Be Nice to Me", "Hope I'm Around", and "Parole"), timbales on "Long Flowing Robe", maracas on "Boat on the Charles"

John Guerin – drums on "Be Nice to Me" and "Hope I'm Around"

Hunt Sales – drums on "Parole", conga on "Boat on the Charles"

Jerry Scheff – bass on "Be Nice to Me" and "Hope I'm Around"

Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren is the 2nd album by American singer-songwriter/musician Todd Rundgren, released in 1971. Most of the album's 12 tracks are piano-led ballads, with the only exceptions being the rock tunes "Bleeding" and "Parole" and the anthem "Chain Letter". As with his first album, this album was initially credited to "Runt". Rundgren himself wrote, arranged, and produced every tune on The Ballad of Todd Rundgren, as well as handling all the guitars, keyboards, and vocals.

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