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Ultraje a Rigor - Nós Vamos Invadir sua Praia (1985)

Ultraje a Rigor - Nós Vamos Invadir sua Praia (1985)

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"Nós Vamos Invadir Sua Praia" ("We're Gonna Invade Your Beach") - 4:18

"Rebelde Sem Causa" ("Rebel Without a Cause") - 3:23

"Mim Quer Tocar" ("Me Want to Play") - 3:48

"Zoraide" - 3:25

"Ciúme" ("Jealousy") - 4:09

"Inútil" ("Useless") - 3:37

"Marylou"  (Roger Rocha Moreira/Edgard Scandurra/Maurício)  - 2:16

"Jesse Go"  (Roger Rocha Moreira/Maurício)  - 3:51

"Eu Me Amo" ("I Love Myself") – 3:34

"Se Você Sabia" ("If You Knew") – 3:37

"Independente Futebol Clube" ("Independent Football Club") - 2:35

2001 Limited Edition

"Inútil"  (1983 single version)  - 2:51

"Mim Quer Tocar"  (B-side from "Inútil")  - 3:03

"Hino dos Cafajestes"  (Single)  (Roger Rocha Moreira/Maurício)  - 2:58

"Marylou"  (Carnival version)  - 2:24

"Ricota"  (Unreleased)  (Edgard Scandurra)  - 3:08

Nós Vamos Invadir sua Praia is the debut album by the Brazilian rock band Ultraje a Rigor, released in 1985.

The sound is a mixture of new wave, punk rock, rockabilly and ska, with humorous subjects. Its title (which translates as "We Are Going to Invade Your Beach") alludes to the fact that they were a band from São Paulo trying to be successful in the coastline city of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2010, the album was released in 180 gram Vinyl, by the Record label Polysom.

Ultraje a Rigor is a Brazilian rock band, which formed in 1980 and experienced great success along with other famous Brazilian rock bands from that time, like Titãs, Os Paralamas do Sucesso, Legião Urbana, and many others, mostly during the 1980s.

Ultraje a Rigor Discography Full

Studio albums

1985 Nós Vamos Invadir sua Praia

1987 Sexo

1989 Crescendo

1990 Por que Ultraje a Rigor?

1993 Ó!

2002 Os Invisíveis

2012 O Embate do Século: Ultraje a Rigor vs. Raimundos (with Raimundos)

Live albums

1999 18 Anos sem Tirar!

2005 Acústico MTV - Ultraje a Rigor

2011 Ira! e Ultraje a Rigor - Ao Vivo Rock in Rio


1983 Inútil / Mim Quer Tocar

1984 Eu Me Amo/Rebelde sem Causa

1986 Liberdade para Marylou

2009 Música Esquisita a Troco de Nada

2012 CarnaBullying

Compilation albums

1992 O Mundo Encantado do Ultraje a Rigor


"Inútil" / "Mim quer tocar" (1983)

"Eu me amo" / "Rebelde sem causa" (1984)

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