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Utopia - Oblivion (1984)

Utopia - Oblivion (1984)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "Itch in My Brain"   4:30
2. "Love with a Thinker"   3:15
3. "Bring Me My Longbow"   3:18
4. "If I Didn't Try"   4:10
5. "Too Much Water"   4:47

Side two
6. "Maybe I Could Change"   4:08
7. "Crybaby"   4:19
8. "Welcome to My Revolution"   5:01
9. "Winston Smith Takes It on the Jaw"   3:17
10. "I Will Wait"   4:43

Utopia Band Members / Musicians
Todd Rundgren - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Kasim Sulton - vocals, bass guitar
Roger Powell - vocals, keyboards
John "Willie" Wilcox - vocals, drums

Oblivion is an album by the rock group Utopia, released in January 1984.

The album represents a turning point for the band, stepping away from the stripped down sound of their 1982 self-titled album in favor of a fuller, more mainstream contemporary pop sound, a direction that would continue on POV, the band's final album that would be released the following year. This shift in sound is most noticeable due to an increased use of electronic drums and triggers by John "Willie" Wilcox. In addition, synthesizers and sequencers, common ingredients of Utopia's music dating back to their debut release, feature more heavily than usual across the album's runtime.

Released by US-based independent label Passport Records in early 1984, the album generated moderate sales, peaking at #74 on the Billboard 200 in March 1984.

Three songs off the album were released as Vinyl singles: "Crybaby" b/w "Winston Smith Takes It on the Jaw" which peaked at #30 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart in February 1984, becoming their biggest hit on that chart; "Love With a Thinker" b/w "Welcome to My Revolution" (released only in the UK); and "Maybe I Could Change" b/w "Love With a Thinker" (released only in Australia). The latter two singles failed to chart.

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