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Utopia - Swing to the Right (1982)

Utopia - Swing to the Right (1982)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Swing to the Right" – 4:21

"Lysistrata" – 2:43

"The Up" – 4:08

"Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)" – 3:13

"Shinola" – 5:21

"For the Love of Money" (Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Anthony Jackson) – 3:40

"Last Dollar on Earth" – 4:13

"Fahrenheit 451" – 2:47

"Only Human" – 5:11

"One World" – 3:24

Utopia Band Members / Musicians

Todd Rundgren – vocals, guitar

Roger Powell – keyboards, synthesizer, vocals

Kasim Sulton – bass, keyboards, vocals

John "Willie" Wilcox – drums

Swing to the Right is the 6th studio album by Utopia. It followed the Beatles parody-homage Deface the Music. Swing to the Right moves into hard-edged commentary on corporate raiders, warmongers, political villains, and despicable music industry moguls. There is little in the way of progressive rock on this album, which is limited to its title track.

Recorded in winter 1981 and set for release that June, Bearsville Records was reluctant to release the album because of its political and religious themes. In protest Utopia took this material on the road for a full year begging audiences to petition Bearsville Records execs to release it, even going as far as giving out the phone number and address of Bearsville Records and instructing audiences to ask for Albert Grossman.

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