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Zazie - La Zizanie (2001)

Zazie - La Zizanie (2001)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Rue de la paix"   4:16

2. "On éteint"   4:22

3. "Danse avec les loops"   4:35

4. "Adam et Yves" (Lyrics by Joëlle Kopf)   4:41

5. "Aux armes citoyennes"   4:44

6. "Sur toi"   4:07

7. "La Zizanie"   4:50

8. "Cheese"   4:36

9. "Tais-toi et rap"   3:42

10. "Dans la lune" (Music by Fabien Cahen)   3:15

11. "Qui m'aime me fuit" (Music by Phil Baron)   4:23

12. "La Fan de sa vie"   3:37

13. "Si j'étais moi"   5:18

Total length: 56:26

Zazie Band Members / Musicians

Acoustic and electric guitar : Pierre Jaconelli

Bass : Nicolas Fiszman

Drums : David Salkin

Digital editing : Manu Goulet

Mixing assistant : Sylvain Carpentier

Engineer : Pete Schwier

Mastering  : Tim Young

Pre-production : Jean-Pierre Pilot and Pierre Jaconelli

La Zizanie is a 2001 album recorded by French pop singer Zazie. It was her 4th studio album and her 5th album overall. It was released on 16 October 2001 and achieved success in francophone countries. It provided five singles (two of them were only released as promotional singles) including two hits: "Rue de la paix" (#11 in France and Belgium) and "Adam & Yves" (#22 in France), and the minor hit "Danse avec les loops" (#53 in France).

Zazie wanted first to entitle the album "La Zazizanie" without mentioning her name on the cover but this idea was finally cancelled because it was not a concept album. The limited edition was presented in an octagonal set box.

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