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Ayreon - Actual Fantasy (1996)

Ayreon - Actual Fantasy (1996)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Actual Fantasy"   1:33

2. "Abbey of Synn"   9:34

3. "The Stranger from Within"   7:40

4. "Computer Eyes"   7:27

5. "Beyond the Last Horizon"   7:35

6. "Farside of the World"   6:20

7. "Back on Planet Earth"   7:04

8. "Forevermore"   7:16

1998 reissue bonus tracks

9. "The Dawn of Man"   7:32

10. "The Stranger from Within" (Single version)   3:38

Ayreon Band Members / Musicians

Okkie Huijsdens – vocals

Edward Reekers – vocals

Robert Soeterboek (Cotton Soeterboek Band) – vocals

Cleem Determeijer – synth solo on tracks 3 and 4; orchestral and string arrangements on tracks 1, 3, 7, and 8

Rene Merkelbach – Hammond, synth solo on track 2

Floortje Schilt – violin

Arjen Anthony Lucassen – all other instruments

David Bachwitz – 'little boy' on track 1

Kiki Holleman – 'baby' on track 8

Actual Fantasy: Revisited

Ed Warby (Gorefest) – drums

Peter Vink – bass guitar

Ewa Albering – flute

Astrid van der Veen – vocal sample on "Back on Planet Earth"

Arranged and produced by Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Oscar Holleman

Actual Fantasy is an album released in 1996 by Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen A. Lucassen and is the second album of his Ayreon project. It is the only Ayreon release that does not feature a single overarching story concept, but instead draws on science fiction and fantasy films for inspiration, as well as stories written by Arjen himself.

In 2004, Arjen moved to a new record label, Inside Out Germany. With this move came re-issues of all previous Ayreon releases, including Actual Fantasy. The re-issue came with a bonus DVD featuring a 5.1 remix of the entire original album, a video clip for "The Stranger from Within," and a video featurette showing the 2004 recordings of drums, bass, and guitar for the remix.

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