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Bodine - Bold as Brass (1982)

Bodine - Bold as Brass (1982)

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Arjen Anthony Lucassen Discography Full

Solo Discography

1994 Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

2012 Lost in the New Real


2001 Fate of a Dreamer


1995 The Final Experiment

1996 Actual Fantasy

1998 Into the Electric Castle

2000 Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer

2000 Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator

2004 The Human Equation

2008 01011001

2013 The Theory of Everything

2017 The Source

2020 Transitus


1982 Bold as Brass

1983 Three Times Running

The Gentle Storm

2015 The Diary

Guilt Machine

2009 On This Perfect Day

Star One

2002 Space Metal

2003 Live on Earth

2010 Victims of the Modern Age

2022 Revel in Time

Stream of Passion

2005 Embrace the Storm


1984 Vengeance

1986 We Have Ways to Make You Rock

1987 Take It or Leave It

1989 Arabia

1994 The Last of the Fallen Heroes


1996 Strange Hobby

Arjen Anthony Lucassen (born 3 April 1960) is a Dutch singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician and record producer best known for his long-running progressive metal/rock opera project Ayreon. Lucassen started his career in 1980 as the guitarist and backing vocalist of Dutch band Bodine as Iron Anthony, before joining Vengeance in 1984. After eight years he left the band, wanting to go into a more progressive direction, and released two years later an unsuccessful solo album entitled Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy under the nickname Anthony.

In 1995, Lucassen released an album uncredited to any artist called Ayreon: The Final Experiment, in which he sang, wrote every song and played most of the instruments. The album conducted to the creation of Ayreon; despite being relatively unknown at first, the project gained notable attention and praise with the release of its third album Into the Electric Castle, establishing Lucassen as a notable composer of rock operas. Following Ayreon's success, Lucassen has been involved in many other projects: he is the creator, composer and current guitarist/keyboardist of Star One, Guilt Machine, and The Gentle Storm, and the creator and former guitarist of Ambeon and Stream of Passion. He composes and writes most of his songs, but leaves the lyrics to his musical partners in some of his projects.

Lucassen plays a wide variety of instruments: his main instruments are guitar and keyboards, however he also plays bass, banjo and many others. Overall, in his career and including all his bands and projects (as principal instrumentalist/creative force or as a member), Lucassen has released twenty-six studio albums, four live albums, two EPs and seventeen singles. He has also made many minor participations alongside various artists including Shadow Gallery, After Forever, Within Temptation and Avantasia, and appears in over 50 albums.

Since the creation of Ayreon, Lucassen progressively made a name for himself under rock and metal reviewers, with many critics calling him a "genius", and praising his composition abilities and originality. In his review of 01011001, AllMusic reviewer Cosmo Lee stated "Music this over the top almost defies criticism. Reviewing it is like reviewing the world's tallest building. It doesn't care; it just goes on and on."

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