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Del Amitri - Can You Do Me Good? (2002)

Del Amitri - Can You Do Me Good? (2002)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Just Before You Leave" (Currie, Iain Harvie) – 5:14

"Cash & Prizes" – 4:38

"Drunk in a Band" – 2:44

"One More Last Hurrah" (Currie, Harvie) – 4:52

"Buttons on My Clothes" – 4:05

"Baby, It's Me" – 3:34

"Wash Her Away" (Currie, Harvie) – 3:07

"Last Cheap Shot at the Dream" – 4:12

"Out Falls The Past" – 3:13

"She's Passing This Way" – 2:44

"Jesus Saves" – 3:39

"Just Getting By" – 7:35

"Just Getting By" is followed by a hidden track: an instrumental excerpt from "The Septic Jubilee" (a song released as a B-side on the "Just Before You Leave" single) which lasts for roughly - 2:20

Del Amitri Band Members / Musicians

Justin Currie – vocals, acoustic guitars, bass

Iain Harvie – guitars, acoustic guitars, programming, backing vocals

Kris Dollimore – guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals

Andy Alston – piano, organ, synthesisers

Mark Price – drums, drum loops

Jamie Siegel – engineer and mixing

Matthew Rubano – bass on "Cash & Prizes" and "Jesus Saves"

Rudy Bird – percussion on "Just Before You Leave", "One More Last Hurrah" and "Out Falls The Past"

Joe Tomino – drum loop on "One More Last Hurrah"

Chris Komer – French horn on "Out Falls The Past"

"Big Kev" – bass on "Buttons on My Clothes", "Baby, It's Me" and "Last Cheap Shot at the Dream"

"Jonathan"[7] – "tingly things" on "Buttons on My Clothes" and "Baby, It's Me"

Chris Elliot – cello sample and "tromboney thing" on "Just Getting By"

Chris Cameron – string arrangements on "Just Before You Leave" and "Just Getting By"

Can You Do Me Good? is the 6th studio album by Del Amitri.

The album showcased a radically different sound from which Del Amitri fans had become used to. With five years having elapsed since Some Other Sucker's Parade (1997), Can You Do Me Good? featured a new approach: drum loops, samples and synthesisers were the band's new tools. Though the songs retained their usual melodic characteristics, the overall impression was a very different one.

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