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Guns N' Roses Top Albums Ranked by Sales

Guns N' Roses sold over 86,025,723 albums, including 46,187,000 in the United States and 5,045,000 in the United Kingdom. The best-selling album by Guns N' Roses is APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, which sold over 30,000,000 copies.

GUNS N` ROSES total sales by country

CountrySalesAlbums counted
 New Zeland360,0007
 United Kingdom5,045,0007
 United States46,187,0008

GUNS N` ROSES detailed sales by country

CountryAlbumSalesCertification / source
 ArgentinaUSE YOUR ILLUSION II360,0006x Platinum
 ArgentinaCHINESE DEMOCRACY40,0001x Platinum
 ArgentinaG N` R LIES60,0001x Platinum
 ArgentinaLIVE ERA 87-9360,0001x Platinum
 ArgentinaGREATEST HITS80,0002x Platinum
 ArgentinaAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION180,0003x Platinum
 ArgentinaUSE YOUR ILLUSION I300,0005x Platinum
 AustraliaUSE YOUR ILLUSION II350,0005x Platinum
 AustraliaAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION490,0007x Platinum
 AustraliaCHINESE DEMOCRACY70,0001x Platinum
 AustraliaGREATEST HITS630,0009x Platinum
 AustraliaG N` R LIES70,0001x Platinum
 AustraliaLIVE ERA 87-9370,0001x Platinum
 AustraliaTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?70,0001x Platinum
 AustraliaUSE YOUR ILLUSION I280,0004x Platinum
 AustriaAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION50,0001x Platinum
 AustriaUSE YOUR ILLUSION I100,0002x Platinum
 AustriaUSE YOUR ILLUSION II100,0002x Platinum
 AustriaG N` R LIES25,0001x Gold
 AustriaGREATEST HITS15,0001x Gold
 AustriaTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?25,0001x Gold
 BelgiumCHINESE DEMOCRACY15,0001x Gold
 BelgiumGREATEST HITS50,0001x Platinum
 BelgiumUSE YOUR ILLUSION I100,0002x Platinum
 BrazilGREATEST HITS50,0001x Gold
 BrazilLIVE ERA 87-93100,0001x Gold
 BrazilAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION250,0001x Platinum
 BrazilTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?250,0001x Platinum
 BrazilUSE YOUR ILLUSION I250,0001x Platinum
 BrazilUSE YOUR ILLUSION II250,0001x Platinum
 BrazilG N` R LIES100,0001x Gold
 CanadaAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION1,422,0001x Diamond
 CanadaUSE YOUR ILLUSION I1,000,0001x Diamond
 CanadaLIVE ERA 87-9350,0001x Platinum
 CanadaGREATEST HITS575,0002x Platinum
 CanadaTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?300,0003x Platinum
 CanadaUSE YOUR ILLUSION II900,0009x Platinum
 DenmarkGREATEST HITS40,0001x Platinum
 DenmarkUSE YOUR ILLUSION I40,0002x Platinum
 DenmarkUSE YOUR ILLUSION II40,0002x Platinum
 DenmarkAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION80,0004x Platinum
 DenmarkCHINESE DEMOCRACY15,0001x Gold
 FinlandGREATEST HITS31,665IFPI Finland
 FinlandUSE YOUR ILLUSION I67,662IFPI Finland
 FinlandUSE YOUR ILLUSION II76,688IFPI Finland
 FranceTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?200,0002x Gold
 FranceUSE YOUR ILLUSION I300,0001x Platinum
 FranceUSE YOUR ILLUSION II300,0001x Platinum
 GermanyUSE YOUR ILLUSION I1,000,0002x Platinum
 GermanyUSE YOUR ILLUSION II1,250,0005x Gold
 GermanyCHINESE DEMOCRACY100,0001x Gold
 GermanyG N` R LIES250,0001x Gold
 GermanyTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?250,0001x Gold
 GermanyAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION500,0001x Platinum
 GermanyGREATEST HITS200,0001x Platinum
 GrecceCHINESE DEMOCRACY3,0001x Gold
 GrecceGREATEST HITS10,0001x Gold
 HungaryCHINESE DEMOCRACY3,0001x Gold
 HungaryGREATEST HITS5,0001x Gold
 IcelandAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION1,380Year-end lists
 IrelandCHINESE DEMOCRACY15,0001x Platinum
 IrelandGREATEST HITS90,0006x Platinum
 ItalyAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION100,0002x Platinum (Sales since 2009)
 ItalyGREATEST HITS100,0002x Platinum (Sales since 2009)
 ItalyCHINESE DEMOCRACY25,0001x Gold (Sales since 2009)
 ItalyTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?25,0001x Gold (Sales since 2009)
 ItalyUSE YOUR ILLUSION I50,0001x Platinum (Sales since 2009)
 ItalyUSE YOUR ILLUSION II50,0001x Platinum (Sales since 2009)
 JapanLIVE FROM THE JUNGLE[JAPAN ONLY]15,000Oricon charts
 JapanLIVE ERA 87-93101,6401x Gold
 JapanAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION221,0001x Platinum
 JapanTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?218,3301x Platinum
 JapanUSE YOUR ILLUSION I400,0002x Platinum
 JapanCHINESE DEMOCRACY100,0001x Gold
 JapanUSE YOUR ILLUSION II400,0002x Platinum
 JapanG N` R LIES170,0001x Gold
 JapanLIMITED EDITION BOX SET I[3CD`S]11,910Oricon charts
 JapanGREATEST HITS100,0001x Gold
 KoreaGREATEST HITS13,853RIAK / Gaon charts
 MexicoGREATEST HITS50,0001x Gold
 MexicoUSE YOUR ILLUSION II250,0001x Platinum
 MexicoUSE YOUR ILLUSION I350,0001x Platinum + 1x Gold
 NetherlandsGREATEST HITS80,0001x Platinum
 NetherlandsTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?100,0001x Platinum
 NetherlandsUSE YOUR ILLUSION II100,0001x Platinum
 NetherlandsUSE YOUR ILLUSION I200,0002x Platinum
 NetherlandsAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION100,0001x Platinum
 New ZelandTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?15,0001x Platinum
 New ZelandAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION75,0005x Platinum
 New ZelandUSE YOUR ILLUSION I75,0005x Platinum
 New ZelandUSE YOUR ILLUSION II75,0005x Platinum
 New ZelandGREATEST HITS90,0006x Platinum
 New ZelandCHINESE DEMOCRACY15,0001x Platinum
 New ZelandG N` R LIES15,0001x Platinum
 NorwayUSE YOUR ILLUSION I100,0002x Platinum
 NorwayUSE YOUR ILLUSION II100,0002x Platinum
 NorwayAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION38,120Year-end list
 NorwayG N` R LIES26,320Year-end list
 NorwayTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?53,7661x Platinum
 PolandCHINESE DEMOCRACY20,0001x Platinum
 PolandGREATEST HITS60,0003x Platinum
 PortugalUSE YOUR ILLUSION II120,0003x Platinum
 PortugalGREATEST HITS7,5001x Gold
 RussiaCHINESE DEMOCRACY10,0001x Gold
 SpainUSE YOUR ILLUSION I100,0001x Platinum
 SpainUSE YOUR ILLUSION II100,0001x Platinum
 SpainGREATEST HITS100,0001x Platinum
 SpainTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?100,0001x Platinum
 SwedenCHINESE DEMOCRACY20,0001x Gold
 SwedenGREATEST HITS60,0001x Platinum
 SwedenTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?100,0001x Platinum
 SwedenUSE YOUR ILLUSION I100,0001x Platinum
 SwedenUSE YOUR ILLUSION II120,0001x Platinum + 1x Gold
 SwitzerlandTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?25,0001x Gold
 SwitzerlandAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION50,0001x Platinum
 SwitzerlandGREATEST HITS40,0001x Platinum
 SwitzerlandUSE YOUR ILLUSION I150,0003x Platinum
 United KingdomTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?100,0001x Gold
 United KingdomG N` R LIES200,0001x Gold + 1x Gold
 United KingdomUSE YOUR ILLUSION I300,0001x Platinum
 United KingdomUSE YOUR ILLUSION II300,0001x Platinum
 United KingdomAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION1,945,0004x Platinum
 United KingdomGREATEST HITS2,100,0007x Platinum
 United KingdomLIVE ERA 87-93100,0001x Gold
 United StatesAPPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION18,400,00018x Platinum
 United StatesUSE YOUR ILLUSION II7,000,0007x Platinum
 United StatesLIVE ERA 87-93729,0001x Gold
 United StatesCHINESE DEMOCRACY1,000,0001x Platinum
 United StatesTHE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?1,000,0001x Platinum
 United StatesG N` R LIES5,000,0005x Platinum
 United StatesGREATEST HITS6,058,0005x Platinum
 United StatesUSE YOUR ILLUSION I7,000,0007x Platinum

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