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Lana Lane - Secrets of Astrology (2000)

Lana Lane - Secrets of Astrology (2000)

Tracklist front / back album covers

North American & Japanese Release

1. "Astrology Prelude"   3:59

2. "Secrets of Astrology"   8:33

3. "Alexandria"   5:16

4. "Raining"   6:17

5. "The Bell"   5:16

6. "Speed of Sound"   5:24

7. "Under the Sun"   4:43

8. "Tarot"   4:47

9. "Asherah"   6:51

10. "Guardian Angel"   6:41

11. "Long Winter Dreams"   5:49

12. "Astrology Postlude"   3:38

13. "Romeo and Juliet"

European release bonus track

13. "Rhapsody"   5:25

Lana Lane Band Members / Musicians

Lana Lane - vocals

Erik Norlander - keyboards, mellotron, organ, piano, producer, engineer, mixing, mastering

Tony Franklin - bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, backing vocals

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - guitars, acoustic guitar, bass, mellotron on track 8

David Victor - guitars

Mark McCrite - acoustic guitar, mellotron on track 1

Robert Soeterboek - harmony vocals

Ed Warby - drums

Istvan Szeker - violin

Novi Novog - viola

Cameron Stone - cello

Oscar Holleman - engineer, mixing

Stephen van Haestregt - engineer

Secrets of Astrology, released in 2000, is the 5th album, but the fourth studio recorded album, by symphonic rock vocalist, Lana Lane. Though this album is Lane's fifth album release in the US, it is her eighth in Japan. The album was recorded in the Netherlands and in Los Angeles and mixed in the Netherlands by Oscar Holleman. Mastering was executed at Abbey Road Studios in London.

The album contains 13 songs, whereas the 13th track is listed as a bonus track. In the North American and Japanese releases of Secrets of Astrology, the bonus track is a song entitled, "Romeo and Juliet", a song Lane had recorded during the recording sessions for this album. In the European release of Secrets of Astrology, the bonus track is a song entitled, "Rhapsody", a song that Lane had recorded during the recording sessions for her 1998 album, Queen of the Ocean.

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