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Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (2012)

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (2012)

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"Good Times Bad Times" (John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant) – 3:45

"Ramble On" (Page and Plant) – 5:53

"Black Dog" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 5:53

"In My Time of Dying" (Bonham, Jones, Page, and Plant) – 11:41

"For Your Life" (Page and Plant) – 6:50

"Trampled Under Foot" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 6:28

"Nobody's Fault but Mine" (Page and Plant) – 6:49

"No Quarter" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 11:22

"Since I've Been Loving You" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 8:52

"Dazed and Confused" (Page; inspired by Jake Holmes) – 13:04

"Stairway to Heaven" (Page and Plant) – 8:49

"The Song Remains the Same" (Page and Plant) – 5:57

"Misty Mountain Hop" (Jones, Page, and Plant) – 5:38

"Kashmir" (Bonham, Page, and Plant) – 10:00

First encore
"Whole Lotta Love" (Bonham, Willie Dixon, Jones, Page and Plant) – 9:16

Second encore
"Rock and Roll" (Bonham, Jones, Page, and Plant) – 4:55

Video bonus features
Shepperton rehearsals
BBC footage

Led Zeppelin Band Members / Musicians
Jason Bonham – drums, percussion; backing vocals on "Good Times Bad Times" and "Misty Mountain Hop"

John Paul Jones – bass guitar, Korg OASYS, Korg X50

Jimmy Page – guitar, theremin, production

Robert Plant – vocals; harmonica on "Nobody's Fault But Mine", tambourine on "In My Time of Dying" and "Stairway to Heaven"

Big Mick – live sound mixing

Roy Williams – live vocals mixing

Dick Carruthers – direction

John Davis – mastering

Alan Moulder – audio mixing (recorded music)

Victor Riva – special effects

Celebration Day is a concert film and live album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, recorded at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert on 10 December 2007, in The O2 Arena, London. The film was given a limited theatrical release starting on 17 October 2012, and was released on several home audio and video formats on 19 November 2012. The performance, the film, and album releases have been widely praised.

In 2007, a benefit concert to commemorate the life of music executive Ahmet Ertegun was staged with a reunited Led Zeppelin as the main act. They played several of their most famous songs to an enthusiastic crowd and coordinated a professional recording of the show with 16 cameras, with the prospect of a home video release. Rumours immediately circulated that the recording would become available, but the following year, band member Jimmy Page said that release wasn't certain and that it required mixing and would be a "massive job to embark on." Bassist John Paul Jones agreed that he would like to see it released commercially, but that there was no timeline. Even through 2010, Page was uncertain of the status of the album. On 9 September 2012, the band updated its Facebook page, which led to widespread speculation that the release was finally ready. Details leaked over the following days, with theatre web sites announcing airings of the film slated for the following month.

On 13 September, the band revealed that the film would hit theatres on 17 October, with premieres in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Tokyo and that the home video was scheduled for 19 November. The surviving members of the band appeared at a press event on 21 September to promote the release. They debuted the film at London's famed Hammersmith Apollo on October 12 (of 2012) and answered questions afterward; when queried about more reunion performances, the trio were coy.

Like the 2007 greatest hits album Mothership, the cover and promotional art were designed by Shepard Fairey. Alan Moulder worked with Jimmy Page on mixing the album but used only a minimal amount of overdubs and corrections, as both the performance itself and the recording were of high quality.

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