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Sabaton - Carolus Rex (2012)

Sabaton - Carolus Rex (2012)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Dominium Maris Baltici" ("Dominion of the Baltic Sea")   0:29

2. "The Lion from the North"   4:42

3. "Gott Mit Uns" ("God With Us")   3:15

4. "A Lifetime of War"   5:45

5. "1648"   3:54

6. "The Carolean's Prayer"   6:14

7. "Carolus Rex" ("King Charles")   4:53

8. "Killing Ground"   4:24

9. "Poltava"   4:03

10. "Long Live the King"   4:09

11. "Ruina Imperii" ("Downfall of the Empire")   3:21

Total length:   45:09

Bonus tracks

12. "Twilight of the Thunder God" (Amon Amarth cover, limited edition and platinum edition only) 3:59

13. "In the Army Now" (Bolland & Bolland cover)   3:59

14. "Feuer frei!" (Rammstein cover)   3:12

15. "Harley from Hell" (Originally an exclusive on the compilation album Metalus Hammerus Rex, re-released on the platinum edition)   3:50

Total length:   60:09

Swedish edition track list

1. "Dominium maris Baltici"   0:29

2. "Lejonet från Norden" ("The Lion from the North")   4:42

3. "Gott mit uns" ("God With Us")   3:15

4. "En Livstid i krig" ("A Lifetime at War")   5:44

5. "1648"   3:55

6. "Karolinens bön" ("The Carolean's Prayer")   6:14

7. "Carolus Rex" ("King Charles")   4:54

8. "Ett slag färgat rött" ("A Battle Coloured Red")   4:24

9. "Poltava"   4:03

10. "Konungens likfärd" ("The King's Funeral Procession")   4:09

11. "Ruina Imperii" ("The Empire's Collapse")   3:21

Total length:   45:10

Sabaton Band Members / Musicians

Joakim Brodén – lead vocals

Pär Sundström – bass

Oskar Montelius – guitars, backing vocals

Rikard Sundén – guitars, backing vocals

Daniel Mÿhr – keyboards, backing vocals

Daniel Mullback – drums

Peter Tägtgren – vocals on "Gott Mit Uns" and "Twilight of the Thunder God", guitar solo on "Twilight of the Thunder God"

Carolus Rex is the 6th studio album by Swedish power metal band Sabaton. It is a concept album based on the rise and fall of the Swedish Empire, whose monarch Charles XII gives it its title. It was released with both English and Swedish vocals. It is the last album to feature guitarists Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sundén, drummer Daniel Mullback and keyboardist Daniel Mÿhr. It was produced by Peter Tägtgren in Abyss Studios. The album received critical acclaim and commercial success, achieving gold certification in Poland and quadruple platinum in Sweden.

In 2015, four Carolus Rex songs were featured in the Sabaton Soundtrack DLC for the historical grand strategy game Europa Universalis 4 by Paradox Interactive. The four included with the DLC were "The Lion from the North", "A Lifetime of War", "Karolinens Bön", and "Carolus Rex". Another song ("The Art of War") from Sabaton's The Art of War album was also included.

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