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Sabaton - The Great War (2019)

Sabaton - The Great War (2019)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "The Future of Warfare"   The introduction of tanks at the Battle of Flers–Courcelette and the first tank battle at the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux   3:26

2. "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"   T. E. Lawrence and his role in the Arab Revolt   3:02

3. "82nd All the Way" Brodén · Pär Sundström Rörland · Brodén Alvin York at the Meuse–Argonne offensive 3:31

4. "The Attack of the Dead Men"   The Attack of the Dead Men   3:56

5. "Devil Dogs"   The US Marines at the Battle of Belleau Wood  3:17

6. "The Red Baron"   Manfred von Richthofen, the German flying ace better known as the Red Baron   3:22

7. "Great War"   Suffering in World War I, specifically, in the Battle of Passchendaele   4:28

8. "A Ghost in the Trenches" Brodén Tommy Johansson · Brodén Francis Pegahmagabow, one of the most decorated Canadian soldiers during World War I, specifically at the Battle of Passchendaele and the Battle of the Scarpe 3:26

9. "Fields of Verdun"   The Battle of Verdun   3:17

10. "The End of the War to End All Wars"   The Casualties and Armistice of World War I   4:45

11. "In Flanders Fields"   A war poem by John McCrae written the day after the funeral and burial of one of his closest friends: Alexis Helmer, killed during the Second Battle of Ypres   1:57

Total length: 38:27


Sabaton Band Members / Musicians

Joakim Brodén – lead vocals, keyboards

Pär Sundström – bass, backing vocals

Chris Rörland – guitars, backing vocals

Tommy Johannson – guitars, backing vocals

Hannes Van Dahl – drums, backing vocals

Thobbe Englund – guitar solo on "Fields of Verdun"

Antti Martikainen – orchestral arrangements on "Fields of Verdun", orchestral arrangements for the Soundtrack Edition

Floor Jansen – additional vocals, vocals on Soundtrack Edition

Bethan Dixon Bate – narration on History Edition

Indy Neidell – narration on History Channel Edition

Jonas Kjellgren – production, engineering, mixing

Maor Appelbaum – mastering engineer

The Great War is the 9th studio album by Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton. It was released on 19 July 2019. It is the first studio album to feature guitarist Tommy Johansson. Like many of Sabaton's albums, it is a concept album, this time about World War I, often known as The Great War. The songs cover multiple stories from the war, including those of Manfred von Richthofen, T.E. Lawrence, Alvin York, the Attack of the Dead Men, the Battle of Verdun, and others.

The album's first single, "Fields of Verdun", was released on 3 May 2019. The album's next single, "The Red Baron" was released on 13 June. The title song, "Great War", was released as a single on 27 June. A music video for the track "82nd All the Way" was released on 20 July. A music video for "Seven Pillars of Wisdom", in which Indy Neidell plays the role of T. E. Lawrence, was filmed in the Tunisian desert in early September,[9] and was released on 21 December. A live video and single for "The Attack of the Dead Men", recorded during a 13 March 2020 performance in Moscow that included Russian-language metal cover artist Radio Tapok singing the verses, were announced 8 May 2020 for a 10 July release.

The album was released in four separate editions: the standard release, a history edition with contextual narration preceding each track, a soundtrack edition featuring instrumental orchestral versions of the songs, and a Sabaton History Patreon exclusive release containing narration by Indy Neidell.

The recorded lyrics for "82nd All the Way" mistakenly attribute Sergeant Alvin York to the 338th Regiment rather than his actual assignment to the 328th Infantry Regiment. The band corrects the mistake during live performances of the song.

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