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Sabaton - Primo Victoria (2005)

Sabaton - Primo Victoria (2005)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Primo Victoria"   4:10
2. "Reign of Terror"   3:51
3. "Panzer Battalion"   5:09
4. "Wolfpack"   5:55
5. "Counterstrike"   3:48
6. "Stalingrad"   5:18
7. "Into the Fire"   3:25
8. "Purple Heart"   5:07
9. "Metal Machine"   4:22

Total length:   41:05

Re-armed edition bonus tracks
10. "The March to War"   1:21
11. "Shotgun"   3:14
12. "Into the Fire (Live in Falun 2008)"   4:08
13. "Rise of Evil (Live in Falun 2008)"   8:03
14. "The Beast" (Twisted Sister cover)   3:11
15. "Dead Soldier's Waltz"   1:21

Total length:   21:18

Sabaton Band Members / Musicians
Joakim Brodén – lead vocals and keyboard
Rickard Sundén – guitar and backing vocals
Oskar Montelius – guitar and backing vocals
Pär Sundström – bass guitar
Daniel Mullback – drums

Primo Victoria (Latin for "Foremost, Victory") is the debut studio album by Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton.

The band had previously recorded the full length album Metalizer with Italian label Underground Symphony, but due to conflicts its release was delayed until 2007. Primo Victoria instead became Sabaton's debut album, recorded in 2004 in Abyss Studios, and released the following year with their new label, Black Lodge Records.

In 2010 the album was re-released on German label Nuclear Blast, with six additional bonus tracks, under the name Primo Victoria Re-Armed. The re-release reached 43rd place in the Swedish album charts.

Sabaton (Swedish: [ˈsɑ̂ːbaˌtɔn])[verification needed] is a Swedish heavy metal band from Falun. Most of their 10 albums are written about war. Their 9th album The Great War (2019) reached number 1 on Swedish and German music charts. Sabaton has been referred to as one of the "big four" power metal bands, along with Helloween, Blind Guardian and DragonForce. They are one of the most successful rock bands in Swedish history, with their album Carolus Rex being the best-selling Swedish heavy metal album of all time.

Sabaton Band Members / Musicians

Joakim Brodén – lead vocals, additional guitars (1999–present), keyboards (1999–2005, 2012–present)

Pär Sundström – bass (1999–present), backing vocals (2012–present)

Chris Rörland – guitars, backing vocals (2012–present)

Hannes Van Dahl – drums, backing vocals (2014–present)

Tommy Johansson – guitars, backing vocals (2016—present)

Richard Larsson – drums (1999–2001)

Oskar Montelius – guitars, backing vocals (1999–2012)

Rikard Sundén – guitars, backing vocals (1999–2012)

Daniel Mullback – drums, backing vocals (2001–2012)

Daniel Mÿhr – keyboards, backing vocals (2005–2012)

Robban Bäck – drums (2012–2013)

Thobbe Englund – guitars, backing vocals (2012–2016)

Frédéric Leclercq – rhythm guitar (2011; replaced Sundén due to his paternity leave)

Snowy Shaw – drums (2012–2013; replaced Bäck due to his paternity leave)

Daniel Sjögren – drums (2017; replaced Van Dahl due to his paternity leave)

Sabaton Discography Full
2005 Primo Victoria
2006 Attero Dominatus
2007 Metalizer
2008 The Art of War
2010 Coat of Arms
2012 Carolus Rex
2014 Heroes
2016 The Last Stand
2019 The Great War
2022 The War to End All Wars

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