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Stream of Passion - Embrace the Storm (2005)

Stream of Passion - Embrace the Storm (2005)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Spellbound" – 3:33

"Passion" – 5:19

"Deceiver" – 5:08

"I'll Keep on Dreaming" – 3:44

"Haunted" – 4:30

"Wherever You Are" – 5:07

"Open Your Eyes" – 5:13

"Embrace the Storm" – 4:11

"Breathing Again" – 3:37

"Out in the Real World" – 4:31

"Nostalgia" – 3:07

"Calliopeia" – 5:38


Stream of Passion Band Members / Musicians

Marcela Bovio - lead and backing vocals, violin

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - guitars, keyboards

Lori Linstruth - lead guitars

Johan van Stratum - bass

Alejandro Millán - piano

Davy Mickers - drums

Robert Baba, Jenneke Tesselaar, Herrman van Haaren, Friedmar Hitzer - violins

Marieke van der Heyden, Tjakina Oosting, Jacqueline Hamelink - celli

Joost van den Broek - transcriptions for celli

Robert Baba - transcriptions for violins

mixing, producing and main recording - Arjen Anthony Lucassen

mastering - Peter van 't Riet

photos - Edwin van Hoof (live pics), Alan Flores (Marcela pics), Lex Hulleman (videoclip stills), Stefan Schipper (band pics)

make-up - Lida van Straaten (band pics), Oscar Acosta (Marcela Pics)

Embrace the Storm is Stream of Passion's debut album released on October 24, 2005 by InsideOut Music. It was preceded by the single "Wherever You Are" (October 18, 2005) and was followed by the single "Out in the Real World" (February 27, 2006), both featured on this album.

The album was also released as a dual disc, including on the DVD side the entire album in 5.1 Dolby Surround, a documentary on the making of the album, the video clip of the song "Passion" and a photo gallery.

It is the only album with founder, guitarist, keyboardist and composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen, guitarist Lori Linstruth, and keyboardist Alejandro Millán.

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