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The Beatles - From Then to You (Christmas Compilation) (1970)

The Beatles - From Then to You (Christmas Compilation) (1970)

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From December 1963 to December 1969, English rock group the Beatles sent out spoken and musical messages on flexi disc to members of their official fan clubs in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) each Christmas. An LP compilation of all seven, titled From Then to You in the UK and The Beatles Christmas Album in the US, was sent out in 1970.

Conceived as a means to appease fan-club members whose letters, due to their sheer volume, were not always being answered in a timely manner, the records included the Beatles' messages of thanks to "loyal Beatle people", along with skits, Christmas carols, and original compositions.

None of the original recordings had been subject to general release until a vinyl box set of all the records was distributed in December 2017. A version of "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)", an original composition which appeared in edited form on the 1967 record, gained an official release in 1995, as part of The Beatles Anthology project.

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