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The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Songtrack (Compilation) (1999)

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Songtrack (Compilation) (1999)

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1. "Yellow Submarine"   2:38
2. "Hey Bulldog"   3:14
3. "Eleanor Rigby"   2:06
4. "Love You To"   3:01
5. "All Together Now"   2:10
6. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"   3:28
7. "Think for Yourself"   2:18
8. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"   2:02
9. "With a Little Help from My Friends"   2:44
10. "Baby, You're a Rich Man"   3:03
11. "Only a Northern Song"   3:27
12. "All You Need Is Love"   3:57
13. "When I'm Sixty-Four"   2:37
14. "Nowhere Man"   2:44
15. "It's All Too Much"   6:28

Total length:   45:57

Yellow Submarine Songtrack is a compilation/soundtrack album by the Beatles for the 1999 re-release of the 1968 film Yellow Submarine. The film was re-released on 13 September 1999 in the United Kingdom and the following day in the United States. In sharp contrast with other Beatles remasters available, the songs were fully remixed by Peter Cobbin at Abbey Road Studios from the original multitrack tapes, something not done for the original CD release of the Beatles catalogue in the late 1980s (except for Help! and Rubber Soul), nor the 2009 remastered albums.

This album contains all but one of the Beatles songs used in the film, including several that were not included on the original 1969 Yellow Submarine album ("A Day in the Life" was excluded as EMI didn't want too many songs from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on the compilation). The extra tracks replaced the George Martin film score from the original release, while Martin's complete score was included as a DVD audio track in the CD/DVD package featuring the album and film.

The album debuted in the UK charts at number 8, selling 19,000 copies in its first week. It also peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200, with 68,000 copies sold in its opening week. In France the album debuted at number 13.

The album was reissued on CD on 4 June 2012 (5 June in North America) along with the film restored for DVD and Blu-ray release. While the original 1999 release was in a jewel-case, the 2012 version was released in a card sleeve, with the booklet and catalog numbers the same as the earlier version, with a 1999 copyright date on the disc, and a 2012 date on the card sleeve. The sleeve was in the same format as the Beatles 2009 remasters, being slightly rectangular with "The Beatles" logo in the left hand side of the cover.

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