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U2 - Original Soundtracks 1 (with Brian Eno as "Passengers") (1996)

U2 - Original Soundtracks 1 (with Brian Eno as "Passengers") (1996)

Tracklist front / back album covers

No.       Title       From film       Length

1. "United Colours"   United Colours of Plutonium (Japan)   5:31

2. "Slug"   Slug (Germany)   4:41

3. "Your Blue Room"   Par-delà les nuages / Beyond the Clouds (Italy)   5:28

4. "Always Forever Now"   Always Forever Now (Hong Kong)   6:24

5. "A Different Kind of Blue"   An Ordinary Day (USA)   2:02

6. "Beach Sequence"   Par-delà les nuages / Beyond the Clouds (Italy)   3:31

7. "Miss Sarajevo"   (featuring Luciano Pavarotti) Miss Sarajevo (USA)   5:40

8. "Ito Okashi" (featuring Holi)   Ito Okashi / Something Beautiful (Japan)   3:25

9. "One Minute Warning"   Ghost in the Shell (Japan)   4:40

10. "Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long)"   Gibigiane / Reflections (Italy)   3:35

11. "Elvis Ate America" (featuring Howie B)   Elvis Ate America (USA   3:00

12. "Plot 180"   Hypnotize (Love Me 'til Dawn) (UK)   3:41

13. "Theme from The Swan"   The Swan (Hungary)   3:24

14. "Theme from Let's Go Native"   Let's Go Native (South Africa)   3:08

Total length:   58:10

Bonus track (Japan only)
15. "Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) (Zoo Station remix)"   Bottoms (Australia)   4:11

Total length:   62:14

Passengers Band Members / Musicians

Bono – vocals, additional guitar, piano on "Beach Sequence"

Adam Clayton – bass guitar, additional guitar on "Your Blue Room", percussion, narration on "Your Blue Room"

The Edge – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Corpse," church organ on "Your Blue Room"

Brian Eno – strategies, sequencers, keyboards, backing vocals, guitar, treatments, mixing, chorus voices, vocals on "A Different Kind of Blue", production

Larry Mullen Jr. – drums, percussion, rhythm sequence on "One Minute Warning," rhythm synthesizer on "United Colours"

Luciano Pavarotti – tenor voice on "Miss Sarajevo"

Holi – vocals on "Ito Okashi," voices on "One Minute Warning"

Howie B – mixing, treatments, scratching, and rhythm track on "Elvis Ate America"

Craig Armstrong – string arrangement on "Miss Sarajevo"

Paul Barrett – string arrangement on "Always Forever Now"

Des Broadbery – sequencer on "Always Forever Now"

David Herbert – saxophone on "United Colours" and "Corpse"

Holger Zschenderlein – additional synthesizer on "One Minute Warning"

Original Soundtracks 1 is a studio album recorded by rock band U2 and Brian Eno under the pseudonym Passengers as a side project. Released on 6 November 1995, the album is a collection of songs written for mostly imaginary films (the exceptions being songs for Ghost in the Shell, Miss Sarajevo, and Beyond the Clouds). Owing to Eno's involvement as a full songwriting partner and the album's experimental nature, the moniker "Passengers" was chosen to distinguish it from U2's conventional albums. It was commercially unnoticed by the band's standards and received generally mixed reviews. Guest musicians on the record included Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti (on "Miss Sarajevo") and producer Howie B, who would co-produce U2's following album, Pop (1997). 

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