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H. P. Lovecraft - H. P. Lovecraft II (1968)

H. P. Lovecraft - H. P. Lovecraft II (1968)

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Side 1
"Spin, Spin, Spin" (Terry Callier) – 3:21
"It's About Time" (Terry Callier) – 5:17
"Blue Jack of Diamonds" (Jeff Boyan) – 3:08
"Electrallentando" (George Edwards) – 6:34

Side 2
"At the Mountains of Madness" (George Edwards, Dave Michaels, Tony Cavallari) – 4:57
"Mobius Trip" (George Edwards) – 2:44
"High Flying Bird" (Billy Ed Wheeler) – 3:21
"Nothing's Boy" (Ken Nordine) – 0:39
"Keeper of the Keys" (Mike Brewer, Tom Shipley) – 3:05

H. P. Lovecraft Band Members / Musicians

George Edwards – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass

Dave Michaels – vocals, keyboards

Tony Cavallari – lead guitar, vocals

Jeff Boyan – bass, vocals

Michael Tegza – drums, percussion, vocals

George Badonsky – producer
Christopher Huston – engineer
David Michaels – string arrangements
Bob Schnepf – design
Tom Gundelfinger – photography

H. P. Lovecraft II is the 2nd album by the American psychedelic rock band H. P. Lovecraft and was released in September 1968 on Philips Records. As with their debut LP, the album saw the band blending psychedelic and folk rock influences, albeit with a greater emphasis on psychedelia than on their first album. H. P. Lovecraft II failed to sell in sufficient quantities to reach the Billboard Top LPs chart or the UK Albums Chart, despite the band being a popular act on the U.S. psychedelic concert circuit. Legend has it that the album was the first major label release to have been recorded by musicians who were all under the influence of LSD.

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