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Overkill - The Killing Kind (1996)

Overkill - The Killing Kind (1996)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Battle"   4:31
2. "God-Like"   4:11
3. "Certifiable"   3:25
4. "Burn You Down/To Ashes"   6:47
5. "Let Me Shut That for You"   5:19
6. "Bold Face Pagan Stomp"   5:42
7. "Feeding Frenzy (Instrumental)"   4:13
8. "The Cleansing"   5:50
9. "The Mourning After/Private Bleeding"   4:36
10. "Cold, Hard Fact"   5:19

Total length:   49:56

Overkills Band Members / Musicians
Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth – lead vocals
D.D. Verni – bass, backing vocals
Sebastian Marino – lead guitar
Joe Comeau – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Tim Mallare – drums

Recorded September – October, 1995 at Carriage House Studio, Stamford, Connecticut

Produced by Overkill

Mixed by Chris Tsangarides and Overkill

Engineered by Andy Katz, John Montagnese, and Phil Magnotti

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisc, New York City

The Killing Kind is the 8th studio album released by thrash metal band Overkill in 1996. It was the first album to feature new guitarists Joe Comeau and Sebastian Marino, and was released on CMC International, whereas their previous studio albums were released by either Megaforce or Atlantic Records.

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