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Raskasta Joulua - Raskasta Joulua (Heavy Christmas) (2004)

Raskasta Joulua - Raskasta Joulua (Heavy Christmas) (2004)

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Raskasta Joulua is a band from Finland who have recorded traditional Christmas carols and Christmas hits in a heavy metal style. "Raskasta joulua" is a term in Finnish which means "heavy Christmas" in English. The concept was founded by guitarist Erkka Korhonen in 2004. Many notable Finnish metal vocalists have appeared on Raskasta Joulua albums and tours, including Marko Hietala, Jarkko Ahola, Ari Koivunen, Juha-Pekka Leppaluoto and Tony Kakko.

The band's first album, Raskasta Joulua, contained performances by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and was produced by T2 Productions. The album was released in December 2004.

The second album was released on the Warner label in 2006 after a promotional 3-concert tour in December 2005 increased the popularity of the project. This led to increased sales of the subsequent releases. Raskasta Joulua have toured every year since 2005 and the 3 concert tour has become an annual tradition.

In 2013 the band changed their record label for the second time and signed to Spinefarm Records. They also released their second self-titled album, which achieved platinum status in Finland. In 2014, it was followed by two new albums, Raskasta Joulua 2 and Ragnarok Juletide, the latter of which is their first album recorded in the English language. The other albums are in Finnish.

Raskasta Joulua Discography Full
2004 Raskasta Joulua (Heavy Christmas)
2006 Raskaampaa Joulua (Heavier Christmas)
2013 Raskasta Joulua (Heavy Christmas)
2014 Raskasta Joulua Kaksi (Heavy Christmas 2)
2014 Ragnarok Juletide
2015 Tulkoon joulu - akustisesti
2017 Raskasta Joulua IV

Raskasta Joulua Band Members / Musicians
Erkka Korhonen – guitar
Vili Ollila – keyboards
Mirka Rantanen – drums
Erkki Silvennoinen – bass
Tuomas Wäinölä – guitar
Marko Hietala - vocals
JP Leppäluoto - vocals
Ari Koivunen - vocals
Antony Parviainen - vocals
Tommi Salmela - vocals
Pasi Rantanen - vocals
Kimmo Blom - vocals
Elize Ryd - vocals
Antti Railio - vocals
Ville Tuomi - vocals
Floor Jansen - vocals
Jarkko Ahola - vocals

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