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Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head (Remix Album) (2012)

Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head (Remix Album) (2012)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Thunder Kiss '65 (Number of the Beast Remix)"   JDevil   3:50

2. "Living Dead Girl"   Photek   7:02

3. "Let It All Bleed Out"   Document One   4:42

4. "Foxy Foxy"   Ki:Theory   3:45

5. "More Human Than Human"   Big Black Delta   4:06

6. "Dragula"   Crosses (credited as †††)   4:31

7. "Pussy Liquor"   Ki:Theory   3:24

8. "The Lords of Salem"   Das Kapital   7:10

9. "Never Gonna Stop (Acid Mix)"   Drumcorps   3:27

10. "Superbeast"   Kraddy   4:23

11. "Devil's Hole Girls" (featuring The Jane Antonia Cornish String Quartet)   4:12

12. "Burn (Motherfucker Mix)"   3:03

13. "Mars Needs Women"   3:22

Bonus tracks

Deluxe edition

14. "Thunder Kiss '65"   Tobacco   2:54

15. "Never Gonna Stop (Grind Mix)"   Drumcorps   2:11

16. "Pussy Liquor" (featuring El Mariachi Sol de Mexico)   4:53

17. "Thunder Kiss '65"   Destructo   4:24

18. "More Human Than Human / Living Dead Girl / Burn (Full Metal Machine Mega Mix)"   8:14

Muve Music

14. "Foxy Foxy" (featuring Rooftop Longhorns)   2:53


Prior to the release of Mondo Sex Head, two digital-only EPs were released that featured tracks from the full-length version in addition to exclusive bonus tracks.

EP 1

1. "Living Dead Girl"   7:02

2. "Dragula"   6:16

3. "Burn"   3:03

4. "Thunder Kiss '65"   4:24

EP 2

1. "More Human Than Human"   4:06

2. "Dragula"   4:31

3. "Never Gonna Stop"   3:27

4. "The Lords of Salem"   7:10

Mondo Sex Head is the 2nd remix album by Rob Zombie, containing remixes of the tracks of various past albums both by Zombie and his former band White Zombie. It was curated and executive produced by Jason Bentley. The original cover art depicted Zombie's wife Sheri Moon Zombie. It caused controversy and was replaced by an image of a kitten. Rob Zombie explained, "I never thought it would be a problem since it seemed tame to me... but it was. No one would carry the CD. Anything with death and violence is totally fine, but anything with sex, forget about it. So instead of censoring that cover and ruining it, I just removed the ass shot and replaced it with a pussy shot."[4] Though the vinyl release remained unchanged with the original cover art.

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