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Vangelis - Antarctica (OST) (1983)

Vangelis - Antarctica (OST) (1983)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Theme from Antarctica"   7:29
2. "Antarctica Echoes"   5:58
3. "Kinematic"   3:50
4. "Song of White"   5:17
5. "Life of Antarctica"   5:59
6. "Memory of Antarctica"   5:30
7. "Other Side of Antarctica"   6:56
8. "Deliverance"   4:30

Vangelis Papathanasiou Band Members / Musicians
Vangelis – composer of all instruments

Vangelis – producer, arranger, sleeve design
Raine Shine – engineer
Alwyn Clayden – sleeve design

Antarctica is a soundtrack album by the Greek electronic composer Vangelis, released in 1983. It is the score of the 1983 Japanese film Antarctica ("Nankyoku Monogatari", lit. "South Pole Story") directed by Koreyoshi Kurahara, and was nominated by the Japan Academy for "Best Music Score".

For years, the soundtrack album was only available in Japan, appearing in other countries as a rare and expensive import, when in 1988 Polydor finally decided to release the album worldwide.

There are two different CD covers, one predominantly white and the other depicting a frame from the film with the dogs. In each CD, the unused cover serves as the back of the booklet.

Synthesisers of "Theme from Antarctica" conjure cold and desolation, but also a bright landscape not lacking in beauty. "Antarctica Echoes" has minimal melody showing the vastness of the landscape. "Song of White" is cold-sounding, while "The Other Side of Antarctica" has a sinister sound. "Deliverance" is the theme that plays at the end of the film.

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