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CMX - Aurinko (1992)

CMX - Aurinko (1992)

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"Pyhiinvaeltaja" – 3:12 ("Pilgrim")
"Härjät" – 3:45 ("Bulls")
"Aivosähköä" – 3:29 ("Brain Electricity")
"Katariinanpyörä" – 2:30 ("Catherine Wheel")
"Todellisuuksien yleiset luokat I-IV" – 3:19 ("Universal Classes of Reality I-IV")
"Tähteinvälinen" – 5:10 ("Interstellar")
"Manalainen" – 3:21 ("Underworder")
"Ainomieli" – 3:28
"Kaksi jokea" – 3:49 ("Two Rivers")
"Timanttirumpu" – 3:13 ("Diamond Drum")
"Marian ilmestys" – 5:53 ("Revelation of Mary")
"Yö ei ole pimeä päivä" – 3:01 ("The Night is not a Dark Day")

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits
A. W. Yrjänä - Vocals, Bass guitar, Producer
Janne Halmkrona - Guitars
Timo Rasio - Guitars
Pekka Kanniainen - Drums

Gabi Hakanen - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Anna Kuoppamäki
Costi Suhonen
Kikke Heikkinen
Wagner Keppi
Mika Paloniemi
Tapani Rinne
Njuga Mol'ubata
Martti Salminen
Kain Ärjyvä - Sleeve Design, Photography
Jolle Penttilä - Photography

Aurinko (1992) is an album by the Finnish rock group CMX. The word "Aurinko" means "The Sun" in Finnish. The album cover depicts a cross section of a pineapple.

The album was the first to mark a considerable move towards more mainstream rock from the band's hardcore roots, with more streamlined approach to songwriting and distinctibly more vocal singing style in most tracks. Also, Aurinko featured one of their biggest future live hits, "Ainomieli".

In a City magazine interview in 2005, when asked about which CMX song should never have been made, A. W. Yrjänä has said: "On Aurinko there's 'Timanttirumpu', that makes no sense at all. It's just growling and drum playing".

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