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CMX - Kolmikärki (1990)

CMX - Kolmikärki (1990)

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1. "Johdatus salatieteisiin" – 4:05 ("Introduction to the Occult")

2. "Sika ja perkele" – 2:25 ("Pig and the Devil")

3. "Nahkaparturi" – 1:51 ("Skinbarber")

4. "Kaikki nämä kädet" – 2:30 ("All These Hands")

5. "Götterdämmerung" – 2:05

6. "Kuolemattomuuden ääni" – 2:02 ("The Voice of Immortality")

7. "Pyydä mahdotonta" – 2:57 ("Ask for the Impossible")

8. "Pyörivät sähkökoneet" – 3:26 ("Rotating Electrical Machines")

9. "Taivas ja helvetti" – 2:19 ("Heaven and Hell")

10. "Voittamaton" – 2:05 ("Unbeatable")

11. "Suuri äiti" – 3:48 ("The Great Mother")

12. "Kolmas Johannes" – 1:51 ("The Third John")

13. "Hiljaisuuden pelko" – 1:35 ("Fear of Silence")

14. "Liekkisusi, sulkakäärme" – 6:07 ("Flamewolf, Feathersnake")

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits
Pekka Kanniainen - Drums
A. W. Yrjänä - Bass, Vocals
Kimmo Suomalainen - Guitars

Tepa Lukkarinen - Lead guitar ("Pyörivät sähkökoneet")

Kolmikärki (Trident) is CMX's 1990 debut album. Notwithstanding the punk roots of the early CMX, the musical style of the album varies greatly. There's hardcore, heavy metal, acid rock, some jazz, ballads and even a waltz. A. W. Yrjänä's lyrics on the album contain a lot of religious imagery for which the band is still known. The lyrics have been influenced by a variety of religions, including Buddhism and Christianity, as well as drawing influence from shamanism. CMX's music has changed significantly since this early album, but their enthusiasm for experimenting with different musical styles has lived on.

The CD version of Kolmikärki released by Bad Vugum also contains the Raivo EP originally published in 1989. The "Gold" version of the album, released in 2002 contains both Raivo and CMX's first EP, Johannes Kastaja, originally released in 1987.

CMX, originally Cloaca Maxima, is a Finnish rock band. They originally played hardcore punk, but soon expanded to play a wide variety of rock formats, including progressive rock, heavy metal, and mainstream rock 'n' roll. Throughout their career, they have been influenced by progressive rock bands such as Rush, Yes, Tool and King Crimson. The progressive influence is most evident on their albums Dinosaurus Stereophonicus (2000) and Talvikuningas (2007).

CMX have gradually gained large-scale mainstream following in Finland. They are especially known for the poetic lyrics of A. W. Yrjänä that often contain references to mythology and religion. Finnish rock magazines, particularly Rumba, have named them Best Band of the Year multiple times, and even Best Band of All Time on one occasion.

CMX Band Members / Musicains
A. W. Yrjänä – vocals, bass (1985-)
Janne Halmkrona – guitar (1990-)
Timo Rasio – guitar (1991-)
Olli-Matti Wahlström – drums (2012-)
Kimmo Suomalainen – guitar (1985–1990)
Pasi Isometsä – guitar (1990)
Pekka Kanniainen – drums (1985–1997)
Tuomas Peippo – drums (1997-2012)

CMX Discography Full
1990 Kolmikärki
1991 Veljeskunta
1992 Aurinko
1994 Aura
1995 Rautakantele
1996 Discopolis
1998 Vainajala
2000 Dinosaurus Stereophonicus
2002 Isohaara
2003 Aion
2005 Pedot
2007 Talvikuningas
2010 Iäti
2013 Seitsentahokas
2015 Mesmeria
2018 Alkuteos

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