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Eppu Normaali - Kahdeksas ihme (Eighth Wonder) (1985)

Eppu Normaali - Kahdeksas ihme (Eighth Wonder) (1985)

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”Tien päällä taas”

”Voi kuinka me sinua kaivataan”

”Vuonna ‘85”

”Elämän tarkoitus”

”Kitara, taivas ja tähdet”

”Tihkumme seksiä”

”Vihreän joen rannalla (kauan sitten)”




Eppu Normaali Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

Martti Syrjä - lead vocals

Mikko “Pantse” Syrjä - rhythm- and lead guitar, backing vocals

Juha Torvinen - rhythm- and lead guitar

Mikko Nevalainen - bass guitar

Aku Syrjä - drums


Eero “Safka” Pekkonen - accordion

Kahdeksas ihme (The Eighth Wonder) is the 8th album of Finnish rock group Eppu Normaali. The album was produced by Mikko "Pantse" Syrjä, the guitarist and main songwriter of the band. It was released on 19 August 1985 through Poko Rekords, and it is one of the most famous and best-selling albums of Eppu Normaali and among the 40 best-selling albums of all time in Finland.[1][2]

Kahdeksas ihme is the best selling studio album of the band, and the second best selling album of the band after their compilation album Repullinen hittejä.[3]

The album, considered as their best studio recording of all time, produced many hit songs for the band, including Vuonna '85 and Kitara, taivas ja tähdet. These two songs are still heavily played in Finnish radio stations. Also the songs Voi kuinka me sinua kaivataan, Elämän tarkoitus and Vihreän joen rannalla (kauan sitten) became hit songs. The album was certified for double platinum in 1995.

In 2005, the 20th Anniversary Edition of the album was released. It included the album itself, and also the remastered version of their 1985 VHS release Video, taivas ja tähdet and previously unreleased version of the track Vihreän joen rannalla (kauan sitten).

All lyrics of the album are made by Martti Syrjä, the lead singer of the band, and all tracks are composed by his brother, guitarist Mikko "Pantse" Syrjä, except the track Yöjuttu, which is composed by the band's second guitarist, Juha Torvinen.

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