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Ismo Alanko - Irti (1996)

Ismo Alanko - Irti (1996)

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"Piste" 5:04
"Kriisistä kriisiin" 5:28
"Elämä on hauras" 5:18
"Häpeä ja kateus" 2:57
"Aika kuolla" 6:33
"Mitä se mulle kuuluu mitä mä teen" 5:12
"Rakkauden tila" 3:47
"Rokin kreivi" 3:19
"Miespaholainen" 3:50
"Lokki" 3:57
"Lasten laulu" 3:50

Ismo Alanko Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits
Ismo Alanko -- vocals, guitar, cello
Jouko Hohko -- bass, vocals
Ismo "Ippe" Kätkä -- drums, percussion
Riku Mattila -- guitar
Teho Majamäki -- marimba, vibraphone, keyboards, percussion
Ismo "Izmo" Heikkilä -- synthesizer

Irti (Finnish for "Off" or "Loose") is the 4th solo album of Ismo Alanko, released in 1996. According to Alanko, he and his band gave themselves two weeks time to compose and record the album from scratch. The result is an improvisation-based, more freely-played album than the preceding Taiteilijaelämää.

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