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Ismo Alanko - Kun Suomi putos puusta (1990)

Ismo Alanko - Kun Suomi putos puusta (1990)

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"Kun Suomi putos puusta"—4:21
"Rakas, rämä elämä"—3:06
"Masentunut ameeba"—4:57
"Valheita ja onnenpekkoja"—4:01
"Meidän isä"—6:40
"Hetki hautausmaalla"—4:26

Ismo Alanko Band Members / Musicians / A;bum Credits
Ismo Alanko -- vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion, tools, breathing
Ahti Marja-Aho -- bass, piano, violin, maracas, mandolin, harmonium, zither, backing vocals, tools
Riku Mattila — guitar, maracas, tools
Keimo Hirvonen -- drums
Kari Lindstedt -- cello
Mauri Pietikäinen -- viola
Heikki Hämäläinen — violin
Seppo Rautasuo — violin
Jari Hongisto -- trombone
Matti Riikonen -- trumpet
Jouni Kannisto -- saxophone
Pentti Lahti — saxophone
Jussi Harju -- tuba
Raoul Björkenheim -- bass drum
Susanna Tollet — vocals
Satu Kaarisola-Kulo — vocals
Nina Fågelberg — vocals
Jari Hyttinen — backing vocals
Ilkka Alanko — backing vocals
Pekka Karjalainen — effects

Kun Suomi putos puusta, (Finnish for "When Finland Fell Out Of the Tree") also known as Kun Suomi putos puusta: ääniä vapaan pudotuksen aikakaudelta,[ and is Ismo Alanko's debut solo album. Released in 1990, it was originally commissioned for Helsingin Juhlaviikot (Helsinki Festival Week), when Alanko was still a member of the band Sielun Veljet (The Soul Brothers). The album's musical direction differed significantly from trademark Sielun Veljet material by exploiting a more acoustic and minimalist production style interspersed with foley-style atmospheric sound effects as typically used in film production. The album went on to sell over 30,000 copies in Finland and was certified gold in 1999.

Ismo Kullervo Alanko (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈismo ˈʔɑlɑŋko]; born November 12, 1960) is a Finnish musician. He is known as the frontman of several bands, most famously Hassisen Kone, Sielun Veljet and Ismo Alanko Säätiö, as well as a successful solo artist.

Alanko is known for his versatility and interest in different musical styles. During his career he has recorded punk rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, electronic music, schlager, dance music, children's music and film scores. He has achieved eight platinum records, 16 gold records and four Emma awards. Also a recognized lyricist, Alanko won the Juha Vainio Writer's Award (Juha Vainio -sanoittajapalkinto) in 2003 for his song texts.

In a City magazine article in 1999, 43 Finnish journalists picked the top 99 Finnish rock artists. Ismo Alanko placed 20th, with his former bands Hassisen Kone and Sielun Veljet placing 12th and 4th, respectively.

Alanko comes from a musical family: of his two younger brothers, Petri Alanko is a reputed classical flute player, Ilkka Alanko is the singer/guitarist of Neljä Ruusua, and his sister Satu Alanko-Rautamaa a violinist, and a member or the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

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2008 Blanco Spirituals
2013 Maailmanlopun Sushibaari
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(Special edition)
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2017 Yksin Vanhalla
2019 Minä halusin olla niin kuin Beethoven
2021 Kaiken maailman kehtolauluja

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2013 Kolmannesvuosisata Taiteilijaelämää – Live

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2001 Hitit 1989–2001

2006 Taiteilijaelämää vuosilta 1989–2006

1993 "Extaasiin"
1993 "Kuolemalla on monet kasvot"
1995 "Taiteilijaelämää"
1995 "Kun rakkaus on rikki"
1996 "Kriisistä kriisiin"
1997 "Pop-musiikkia"
2007 "Päästänkö irti"

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