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Johnny Hallyday - Cadillac (1989)

Johnny Hallyday - Cadillac (1989)

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"Les Vautours..." (Jacques Cardona, Étienne Roda-Gil) — 4:49

"Mirador" (David Hallyday, Roda-Gil) — 4:21

"Rien à jeter" (Georges Augier De Moussac, Jean-Pierre Bucolo, Cardona, Roda-Gil) — 3:37

"Himalaya" (Augier, Bucolo, Roda-Gil) — 4:43

"Possible en moto" (Hallyday, Roda-Gil) — 4:18

"Cadillac" (Augier, Bucolo, Roda-Gil) — 4:47

"Si j'étais moi" (Bucolo, Roda-Gil) — 4:03

"L'Étoile solitaire" (Bucolo, Roda-Gil) — 3:33

"C'est du vent" (Augier, Bucolo, Roda-Gil) — 4:12

"Testament d'un poète" (Jean-Claude Petit, Roda-Gil) — 1:43

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Produced by Etienne Roda-Gil

Musical direction: Jean-Pierre Bucolo

Recording: Jean-Pierre Janiaud and Olivier Do Esperito Santo

Mixing: Jean-Pierre Janiaud

Recorded at Studio Gang

Tony Frank - photography

Cadillac is a 1989 album recorded by French singer Johnny Hallyday. It was released in June 1989 and achieved success in France, where it debuted at #1 for eight consecutive weeks on the SNEP albums chart on July 2, 1989, and totalled 61 weeks in the top 50. It provided five singles in France, including a top three hit: "Mirador" (#3), "Si j'étais moi" (#25), "Les Vautours..." (#30), "Himalaya" (#30) and "Cadillac" (#39). The lyrics were written by Étienne Roda-Gil, who had worked in the 1980s with Vanessa Paradis, and the music was composed and arranged by Jacques Cardona, David Hallyday, Georges Augier, Jean-Pierre Bucolo and Jean-Claude Petit. This album was inspired by Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, a French who founded Detroit in 1701 and who gave his name to the brand of luxury vehicles.

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