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Johnny Hallyday - Le Cœur d'un homme (2007)

Johnny Hallyday - Le Cœur d'un homme (2007)

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"Monument Valley" (Christian Lejalé, Yvan Cassar - Laurent Vernerey) — 4:01

"Etre un homme" (Marie-Laure Douce, Yvan Cassar - Laurent Vernerey) — 4:05

"Always" (Didier Golemanas - Alain Goldstein, Didier Golemanas) — 3:02

"Chavirer les foules" (Michel Mallory) — 4:13

"Vous madame" (Jacques Veneruso) — 4:48

"Je reviendrai dans tes bras" (Jean Fauque, Fred Blondin) — 4:29

"Que restera-t-il ?" (Didier Golemanas) — 3:53

"T'aimer si mal" (Marc Lévy, Yvan Cassar) (featuring Taj Mahal) — 4:43

"Ma vie" (Bruno Putzulu, Yvan Cassar - Laurent Vernerey) — 4:17

"Laquelle de toi" (Bernard Droguet, Fred Blondin) — 3:33

"Sarbacane" (Francis Cabrel) — 4:16

"Ce que j'ai fait de ma vie" (Bernie Taupin - French adaptation : Lionel Florence, Jim Cregan) — 5:16

"I Am the Blues" (Bono, Simon Carmody) — 4:23


Johnny Hallyday Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

Denis Benarrosch - drums, percussion

Doyle Bramhall II - electric guitar, slide guitar

Yvan Cassar - piano, organ

Eric Chevalier - programming

Geoff Dugmore - drums, percussion

Claude Engel - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar

Mark Goldenberg - acoustic guitar, baritone guitar

Christophe Guiot - violone

James Harman - harmonica

Freddy Koella - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, resonator guitar

Abraham Laboriel, Sr. - drums, percussion

Greg Leisz - lap steel guitar

Robin LeMesurier - acoustic guitar, electric guitar)

Taj Mahal - guitar

Keb' Mo' - resonator guitar

Paul Personne - electric guitar

Brian Ray - electric guitar

Eric Sauviat - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, baritone guitar, resonator guitar

Greg Szlapczynski - harmonica

Laurent Vernerey - double bass

Tony Joe White - electric guitar

Le Cœur d'un homme is an album by the French singer Johnny Hallyday. It was released on November 12, 2007, and achieved huge success in France and Belgium (Wallonia). It was led by the single "Always", a number 2 hit in France, and contains a cover version of Francis Cabrel's 1989 single "Sarbacane". French actor Bruno Putzulu wrote one song of the album. The final track of the album, "I Am the Blues", co-written by U2's lead singer Bono, is a rare example of a Hallyday song in English.

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