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Johnny Hallyday - Ma Vérité ! (2005)

Johnny Hallyday - Ma Vérité ! (2005)

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"S'il n'est pas trop tard" (Jérôme Attal, Daran) — 3:06

"Ma religion dans son regard" (Benoit Poher, Kyo) — 3:50

"La paix" (Zazie, Fabien Cahen) — 3:23

"Le temps passe" (Passi, Stomy Bugsy, Elio) (with Ministère A.M.E.R.) — 4:40

"Si tu pars" (Yanne) — 4:06

"Clémence" (Guillaume Ledoux, Johan Ledoux) — 3:27

"Ce qui ne tue pas nous rend plus fort" (Guy Carlier, Fred Blondin) — 3:17

"Mon Plus Beau Noël" (Fred Blondin) — 4:22

"Te savoir près de moi" ( J.Jaillet, A.L Vaissière, A.Auclair) — 3:53

"Ma Vérité" (David Salsedo) — 3:15

"Elle s'en moque" (Muriel Robin, Cyril Assous) — 4:01

"Affronte-moi" (François Welgrin, David Hallyday) — 3:36

"Apprendre à aimer" ( Johnny Hallyday, Michel Mallory) — 4:21

Ma vérité is a 2005 album recorded by French singer Johnny Hallyday. It was released on 6 November 2005, and achieved huge success in France and Belgium (Wallonia), where it topped the charts. It provided three top ten singles in France : "Ma religion dans son regard" (#2), "Mon Plus Beau Noël" (#1) and "Le temps passe" (#4). French acts Kyo, Zazie, Passi and Stomy Bugsy participated in the composition of several tracks of the album.

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