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Johnny Hallyday - Nous les gars, nous les filles (1961)

Johnny Hallyday - Nous les gars, nous les filles (1961)

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Jean-Philippe Léo Smet (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃ filip leo smɛt]; 15 June 1943 – 5 December 2017), better known by his stage name Johnny Hallyday, was a French rock and roll and pop singer and actor, credited for having brought rock and roll to France.

During a career spanning 57 years, he released 79 albums and sold more than 110 million records worldwide, mainly in the French-speaking world, making him one of the best-selling artists in the world. He had five diamond albums, 40 golden albums, 22 platinum albums and earned ten Victoires de la Musique. He sang an estimated 1,154 songs and performed 540 duets with 187 artists. Credited for his strong voice and his spectacular shows, he sometimes arrived by entering a stadium through the crowd and once by jumping from a helicopter above the Stade de France, where he performed 9 times. Among his 3,257 shows completed in 187 tours, the most memorable were at Parc des Princes in 1993, at the Stade de France in 1998, just after France's win in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, as well as at the Eiffel Tower in 2000, which had record-breaking ticket sales for a French artist.[citation needed] A million spectators gathered to see his performance at the Eiffel Tower, with some 10 million watching on television.

Usually working with the best French artists and musicians of his time, he collaborated with Charles Aznavour, Michel Berger and Jean-Jacques Goldman. Hugely popular in France, he was referred to as simply "Johnny" and seen as a "national monument"[citation needed] and a part of the French cultural legacy. He was a symbol of the Trente Glorieuses when he emerged in 1960 and a familiar figure to four generations. More than 2,500 magazine covers and 190 books were dedicated to him during his lifetime, making him one of the persons most widely covered by the media in France. His death from cancer in 2017 was followed by a "popular tribute" during which a million people attended the procession and 15 million others watched the ceremony on TV. He remained relatively unknown in the English-speaking world, where he was dubbed "the biggest rock star you've never heard of" and introduced as the French version of Elvis Presley.

Johnny Hallyday Filmography
1955 Les Diaboliques as Un élève (uncredited)
1962 Les parisiennes as Jean Allard (segment "Sophie")
1962 Secret File 1413 as Himself
1963 D'où viens-tu Johnny? as Johnny
1964 Cherchez l'idole as Himself
1968 Les poneyttes as Himself
1968 À tout casser as Frankie
1969 Le spécialiste as Hud Dixon / Brad
1970 Stumbling Point as Vlad Le roumain
1971 Malpertuis as Sailor who kisses Bets (uncredited)
1972 L'aventure, c'est l'aventure as Himself
1977 L'Animal as Himself
1981 Le jour se lève et les conneries commencent
1983 The Case of the Missing Bottle as Monsieur Waitor
1984 Détective (directed by Jean-Luc Godard) as Jim Fox Warner
1986 Conseil de famille (directed by Costa-Gavras) as Le père (Louis)
1986 Terminus as Stump
1989 The Iron Triangle as Jacques
1992 La gamine as Frank Matrix
1998 Paparazzi as Himself (uncredited)
1998 Why Not Me? as José
2000 Love Me as Lennox
2002 Mischka as Himself
2002 L'homme du train as Milan
2003 Crime Spree as Marcel Burot
2004 Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse (2004) as L'ermite borgne
2005 Quartier V.I.P. as Alex
2006 Jean-Philippe as Jean-Philippe
2008 Starko! as Himself
2009 The Pink Panther 2 as Laurence Millikin
2009 Vengeance as Francis Costello
2014 Salaud, on t'aime as Jacques Kaminsky
2017 Rock'n Roll as Johnny Hallyday
2017 Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction as Johnny (final film role)

Johnny Hallyday Discography Full
1961 Nous les gars, nous les filles
1961 Salut les copains
1962 Sings America's Rockin' Hits
1962 Johnny à l'Olympia (Olympia 62)
1963 Les Bras en croix
1964 Johnny Hallyday Olympia
1964 Johnny, reviens ! Les Rocks les plus terribles (Olympia 62)
1966 Hallelujah
1966 Johnny chante Hallyday (Olympia 62)
1966 La Génération perdue
1967 Olympia 67
1967 Johnny 67 (Olympia 62)
1967 Johnny au Palais des sports
1968 Jeune homme
1968 Rêve et amour
1969 Rivière... ouvre ton lit (aka Je suis né dans la rue)
1969 Que je t'aime - Palais des congres
1970 Vie
1971 Flagrant délit
1971 Live at the Palais des sports (Palais des Sports 1971)
1972 Country, Folk, Rock
1973 Insolitudes
1974 Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime
1974 Rock'n'Slow
1975 Rock à Memphis
1975 La Terre promise
1976 Derrière l'amour
1976 Palais Des Sports 76 - Hallyday Story
1976 Johnny Hallyday Story - Palais des sports
1976 Hamlet
1976 Succès 2 Disques - Les coups
1977 C'est la vie
1977 Réimpression
1978 Solitudes à deux
1979 Hollywood
1979 Pavillon de Paris: Porte de Pantin
1979 Album d'Or - Retiens la nuit
1979 Succès 2 Disques - Ceux que l'amour a blessés
1980 À partir de maintenant
1981 En pièces détachées
1981 Live
1981 Pas facile
1982 Quelque part un aigle
1982 La Peur
1982 Palais Des Sports 82
1983 Entre violence et violon
1983 En V.O.
1984 Hallyday 84: Nashville en Direct
1984 Drôle de métier
1984 Spécial Enfants du Rock
1984 Johnny Hallyday au Zénith
1985 Rock'n'Roll Attitude
1986 Gang
1988 Johnny à Bercy
1988 Live at Montreux
1989 Cadillac
1991 Ça ne change pas un homme
1993 Bercy 92
1993 Parc des Princes 1993
1994 Rough Town
1994 À La Cigale (live 1994)
1995 Lorada
1996 Lorada Tour
1996 Destination Vegas
1996 Live at the Aladdin Theatre (Las Vegas 1996)
1998 Ce que je sais
1998 Stade de France 98 Johnny allume le feu
1999 Sang pour sang
2000 100 % Johnny : Live à la Tour Eiffel
2000 Olympia 2000
2002 À la vie, à la mort !
2003 Parc des Princes 2003
2006 Flashback Tour: Palais des sports 2006
2007 La Cigale : 12-17 décembre 2006
2007 Le Cœur d'un homme
2008 Ça ne finira jamais
2009 Tour 66 : stade de France 2009
2011 Jamais seul
2012 L'attente
2013 On Stage
2013 Born Rocker Tour
2014 Rester vivant
2015 De l'amour
2016 Rester vivant tour

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