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Michael Monroe - Nights Are So Long (1987)

Michael Monroe - Nights Are So Long (1987)

Tracklist front / back album covers download

1. "She's No Angel"   3:34

2. "Million Miles Away"   3:49

3. "Shake Some Action"   3:51

4. "It's a Lie"   4:06

5. "Highschool"   3:09

6. "Nights Are So Long"   3:29

7. "Can't Go Home Again"   3:23

8. "Too Rich to Be Good"   3:29

9. "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory"   1:34

10. "Keep it Up"   3:31

Total length:   33:55

Michael Monroe Band Members / Musicians

Michael Monroe – vocals, saxophone, harmonica, arrangements, production

Phil "Wildman" Grande – lead, acoustic, rhythm and 12-string guitar

T.V. Lee – rhythm guitar

Klyph Black – slide guitar, bass, backing vocals

Ian Hunter – piano

Peter Clemente – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Yul Vaz - additional guitar on "She's No Angel" and "Too Rich To Be Good"

Tony Mercadante - fretless bass and backing vocals on "It's a Lie"

Rob Sabino - keyboards on "It's a Lie"

Eddie Solan – engineering

Greg Calbi – mastering

Craig Goetsch – production

Nights Are So Long is the first studio album by singer Michael Monroe, released in 1987 through Yahoo! Records; a remastered edition was reissued in 2004 through Warner Music. It is Monroe's first post-Hanoi Rocks release, with Yahoo! being the record label of Hanoi Rocks' then-manager Seppo Vesterinen. Save for three tracks written by Monroe, the rest are mainly covers; his subsequent 1989 album, Not Fakin' It, would be the first to feature primarily original compositions. Monroe dedicated the album to Razzle, Hanoi Rocks' drummer, who was killed in a road accident in 1984.

Matti Antero Kristian Fagerholm (born 17 June 1962), better known by his stage name Michael Monroe, is a Finnish rock musician and multi-instrumentalist who rose to fame as the vocalist for the glam punk band Hanoi Rocks, and has served as the frontman for all-star side projects, such as Demolition 23 and Jerusalem Slim (with Steve Stevens).

Michael Monroe Discography Full

1987 Nights Are So Long

1989 Not Fakin' It

1996 Peace of Mind

1999 Life Gets You Dirty

2002 Take Them and Break Them

2003 Whatcha Want

2010 Another Night in the Sun: Live in Helsinki (live)

2011 Sensory Overdrive

2013 Horns and Halos

2015 Blackout States

2019 One Man Gang

2022 I Live Too Fast to Die Young!


"Keep It Up" (1987)

"Nights Are So Long" (1987)

"She's No Angel" (1987)

"Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll (1989)

"She's No Angel" (1989)

"Not Fakin' It" (1989)

"Man With No Eyes" (1989)

"While You Were Looking At Me" (1990)

"Magic Carpet Ride" (Featuring Slash, 1990)

"Make It Go Away" (1996)

"Stranded" (2003)

"Superpowered Superfly" (2010)

"'78" (2011)

"Trick Of The Wrist" (2011)

"Ballad Of The Lower East Side" (2013)

"Eighteen Angels" (2013)

"Stained Glass Heart" (2013)

"Old King's Road" (2015)

"Goin' Down With The Ship" (2015)

"One Foot Outta The Grave" (2017)

"One Man Gang" (2019)

"Last Train To Tokyo" (2019)

"Murder The Summer Of Love" (2022)

"Can't Stop Falling Apart" (2022)

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Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks (1981)

Oriental Beat (1982)

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Jerusalem Slim albums

Jerusalem Slim (1992)

Demolition 23. albums

Demolition 23. (1994)

Guest appearances

London Cowboys: Street Full of Soul (1983)

Hook, Line and Sinker: Hook, Line and Sinker and Saigon (1983)

Tall in the Saddle (1984)

It Takes Time (1985)

Artists United Against Apartheid: Sun City (1985)

Que Sera Sera – Johnny Thunders album (1985)

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Dance Crazy (1987)

Guns N' Roses: Use Your Illusion I (1991)

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Backyard Babies: Total 13 (1998) on the bonus track 'Rocker'

Kerma: Kerma plays Rolling Stones (1998)

I Only Wrote This Song For You – A Tribute to Johnny Thunders (2003)

White Flame: Swimsuit Issue Centerfold (single) (2007)

Mikko Herranen: Kylmä Maailma (album) (2012)

Tarja Turunen: "Your Heaven and Your Hell" (2016)

Lordi: Killection (2020) on the track "Like a Bee to the Honey"

Literature – books about Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe [Hardcover], Ari Väntänen and Michael Monroe (2011)

All Those Wasted Years [Hardcover], Ari Väntänen, Andy McCoy and Michael Monroe (2010)

Sheriff McCoy: Outlaw Legend of Hanoi Rocks [Hardcover], Andy McCoy (English edition 2010)

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Quintet Publishing Limited. Macdonald, Bruno; Harrington, Jim, Dimery, Robert. ed. (2006)

Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal. HarperCollins. Christe, Ian (2003)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Hardcover], 1987

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